How to Check Zong SIM Owner Name Online


When someone calls or texts us we always need to check Zong SIM owner information online. We can check Zong number owner name using a simple method. Zong Number check code check Zong SIM owner name online. Here is the complete guide to check the mobile number ownership of a Zong number. You can do it with just an SMS. There are some apps which are working fine to check Pak SIM database online . You can download and install them to check online record of Pak SIM Data.

How to Check Zong Number Owner Name

There are multiple ways to check Zong sim owner name online. You can check owner information by sending “MNP” to 667. You will receive Zong SIM owner information by SMS. Check the Zong SIM information by using Zong app.

Zong Sim Owner InformationSend “MNP” to 667

While living in Pakistan, we sometimes read about things we don’t know about, so we resort to the internet and immediately write our problem on Google or any search engine. In this case, we immediately find a solution to our problem. When it comes to SIM information of a person’s name, it is not a difficult task in today’s modern age. You can easily find How to Check Zong Sim Owner Name. Send your CNIC number to 668 to get list of all registered numbers.

People living in Pak who use Zong SIM sometimes do not even know if the SIM they are using is in their use or not. If you also want to know the name of the owner of Zong SIM, call 111 now to get complete information. There are charges for using this service.

Terms & Conditions:

  • All postpaid and prepiad customers can avail this offer
  • Customers can check anyone SIM database by using ecare app or account
  • Only use your own name verified SIM Cards
  • By Sending MNP to 667 Customer will get full information of SIM Owner
  • IN case of forget Zong SIM number dial *100# to check Zong SIM number
  • Terms & Conditions are apply