Best Fiber Broadband Internet in Multan

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If you live in Multan and you need internet, you will definitely find a Wi-Fi or broadband connection for yourself. Here I will tell you about some of the connections that will give you good coverage and cheap packages. There are currently four types of companies operating in Multan, some are unable to cover remote areas. Most PTCL Broadband & Cloud WIFI connections are used in Pakistan. We will talk here about the best Fiber Broadband Internet in Multan.

Fiber internet connection in Multan gives good coverage on the east side with a 2 Mbps connection at Rs.3000 Pakistani rupees. New Multan, Vehari road, and Multan Cantt are out of courage for this connection.

If you live in Multan Suraj Kund, Rangeel Pur, Peer Colony, Sultan Pura, New Central Jail, and Chah Pandit Wala and in the B.C.G area then you are eligible to get this connection. Its connection prices start from Rs.1000 PKR to 4000 PKR per month. The average speed of Fiber’s internet connection starts from 2Mbps to 10Mbps. This network provides unlimited usage on all plans, and you have not need to worry about its package’s price.

Best Fiber Broadband Internet in Multan

You can compare the PTCL internet connection with Multan Fiber internet. Both networks’ speeds are the best but Fiber’s little connection speed is amazing and higher than PTCL and Storm connections. If you want to activate the 2Mbps connection of Multan Fiber company then the total cost of Rs.3000 will charge and your first month will be free.

Their 2Mbps connection speed is incredible and customers can get up to 400 Kbps speed. There is not any time lock or limit on usage. The company will give you a Wi-Fi router and cable at the cheapest price and if you want to leave this connection then they will take back their devices and cable wire.

Multan FIBER 2Mbps connection Price & Details

The company provides its new customers absolutely free internet for the first month. 2Mbps new connection with installation charges is Rs.3000 + monthly rent. You need to just call their helpline number and they will start working on your new connection. Its monthly fee is Rs.1000 for the 12 months on contract.

  • Average Speed: 250Kbps – 400Kbps
  • Installation Charges: Rs.3000
  • Monthly Fees: Rs.1000
  • Usage: Unlimited

3Mbps FIBER connection Price & Details

  • Average Speed: 350Kbps – 500 Kbps
  • Installation Charges: Rs.3000
  • Monthly Fees: Rs.1300
  • Usage: Unlimited

4Mbps Multan FIBER connection Price & Details

  • Average Speed: 500Kbps – 700Kbps
  • Installation Charges: Rs.3000
  • Monthly Fees: Rs.1800
  • Usage: Unlimited

6Mbps Multan FIBER connection Price & Details

  • Average Speed: 600Kbps – 1000Kbps
  • Installation Charges: Rs.4000
  • Monthly Fees: Rs.2000
  • Usage: Unlimited

8Mbps Multan FIBER connection Price & Details

  • Average Speed: 1Mbps – 1.5Mbps
  • Installation Charges: Rs.4000
  • Monthly Fees: Rs.2250
  • Usage: Unlimited

10Mbps Multan FIBER connection Price & Details

  • Average Speed: 2Mbps – 4 Mbps
  • Installation Charges: Rs.5000
  • Monthly Fees: Rs.3000
  • Usage: Unlimited

How to Get a New connection?

Customers can get new connections by calling their helpline number +92-334-9718-143. They will verify your location and check your courage. If you are in courage then they will come to your office, home, or the shop where you want to install a connection and start work in 7 days.

Is there any limit to using the internet?

No, the internet is unlimited on all plans. There is not any time lock to use the internet, you can use the internet on your mobile phones, tablets, and desktops through Wi-Fi router signals and cable.

There are many companies who are providing Best Fiber Broadband Internet in Multan. If you are looking for the cheapest internet service provider in the Multan area, you can call to Storm Fiber and cyber internet providers. This company is providing connections in many areas in Multan. Customers can select any of them to buy a new connection. Uptime is very good and its support is also very good. Once the customer reports any internet connectivity issue, the team will arrive at your location in 2 hours and will solve your issue.