How to Get a Free USA Number for Verification

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Get a Free USA Number for Verification for WhatsApp and Other works. We always need a USA number because if we do online work or if we do any business in Pakistan, INDIA, Bangladesh or other countries for verifications we will definitely need this number. There are many websites and online companies that provide paid USA, UK and UAE numbers. Here is a list of the Top 15 Android Virtual Apps where you can get free USA, Canada and UK numbers for calling and texting Online without a Debit card.

1) Groove IP

From this app, you can make calls and send SMS to any mobile number all over the world. You can also receive calls and messages for free on your Virtual number. This app will never charge any fees or call setup charges. You can call all over the country to any Network any city anywhere in the world. Also, It has a great feature to earn cash online by watching their ads, filling out surveys and playing some games.

It is a very fantastic app and before installing this app you should need to install a VPN to use this app because this app can be blocked in your country. So, Must use VPN for your security. Friends, If are looking for a USA Virtual phone number for WhatsApp verification or you are looking for a USA number to verify your PayPal account then this app is good for You.

You can receive OTP from WhatsApp and Paypal accounts or from any App and website for verifications. Just download any VPN, select USA location in VPN and then use this app.

Download the Groove IP App from here

2) Hushed – Second Phone Number – Calling and Texting

Huched is a very interesting app for sending and receiving an SMS, Receiving calls and voicemails. This app has the main problem that you can get a free virtual number just for 3 days. To make a PayPal account and Verify your account then I will never suggest you use this app.

If you want to make fake Whatsapp then this app is good because you can get the USA number for 3 days and after getting this number you can make a free Whatsapp account for the USA number. Your hushed app goes expires then you can continue Your WhatsApp on a US number.

Download Hushed App here

3) FreeTone Free Calls & Texting

FreeTone is a Virtual App to get free US mobile numbers, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Indian and Canada Numbers. This app is not free but while signing up it will ask you for a Referal code. if you fill in the correct referral code then it will give you some points to make a call to the world and get a Virtual Number for 1 Year.

you can also earn money by watching ads, Videos, and filling the surveys. this app will give you free $0.05 to make calls and send SMS. After purchasing a Virtual number you can verify Paypal, Payoneer, any Bank account and Whatsapp app-related other apps. It will give you 1 USA number for just $1 for 1 year. you can make $1 by watching ads and by referral system.

Download FreeTone APP from Playstore

4) TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts

This app will give you one free number when you signup from Canada, the UK, the USA and France. You can Make an unlimited calls from the USA, Canada and Uk for just $2.99 per month. If you want to keep a regular USA number then you can purchase a number at a cheap price. This app will allow you to make audio and video calls. You can send and receive SMS from the USA, UK and Canada for free.

Download TextMe Up APP

5) Fongo World Edition

It is a Premium App and you have to purchase this APP to get unlimited USA, UK and Canada Minutes and SMS. You can also download it Mod App from Google. Its price is $4.99 for a lifetime. After downloading and installing this app you will be able o get the free USA and Canada numbers which can be used to send and receive SMS and calls.

Download Fongo App

6) 2nr – Darmowy Drugi Numer

You can get 3 Virtual numbers at the same time from this app. This app has 2k+ Ratings. This app is the best for the second phone number and you can get free virtual phone numbers from the UK and Canada.

Click here to Download This APP

7) TextNow: Free Texting & Calling App

TextNow is a very famous and good app to get free USA and UK mobile numbers. Unfortunately, this app is not available in some countries. If you are from Pakistan then this app will not work on your mobile. But you can run this app in Pakistan by using a VPN.

Download the TextNow app from Playstore

8) Dingtone – Free phone calls, free texting SMS on a free number

Dingtone is a 1000% working app for free calls and SMS in the World. You can earn money from this app. Dingtone can give you Free 1 USA, UK, Canada and 30+ other countries numbers. This app will give you a free number for 1 Year for just 1000 Points. These points can be earned by playing games, filling out surveys, Completing Offers and from daily Rewards.

Download Dingtone APP

9) Wabi – Virtual Number for WhatsApp Business

Wabi is a Virtual Mobile number provider app & especially for Whatsapp businesses. When you use other apps to get free Virtual numbers for WhatsApp then there would be happened that many numbers were banned by Whatsapp. But, If you will use this app then you will get 100% free and working Virtual numbers.

Download and Install Wabi

10) 2nd Line: Second Phone Number for Texts & Calls

2nd Line is a Good app to get free USA Numbers. You can download and install this app for Verifications and making calls and Numbers.

Download the 2nd Line App

11) TalkU Free Calls +Free Texting +International Call

TalkU is a free Mobile app for second phone numbers. Just Download and Install this app and get a free Virtual Mobile Phone number. This app can be used for making calls and sending SMS around the World.

Download TalkU App

12) JusCall Free International Calling & Wifi Calling

This app is for making calls without sim cards. you can make calls for free all over the world just use Wifi and Mobile Data. If you are travelling then You can use this app to make calls with your friends and family.

Download This app for free

13) Virtual SIM

Have you a Virtual Mobile Number for receiving and making calls in the World? This app can do it, You can get a free US Number for one day to make free Social accounts like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and many others.

Download Virtual Sim App

14) SmartLine’s Second Phone Number

For a Businessman, it is very important to receive important calls from a company and a person. this app will help you to get information from the caller that this is a business call or a local call. While in your office you can get a Virtual Phone number for your business and can make free calls.

When You will receive a call on your business virtual number it will show the caller’s name and company. You can now attend and reject important calls.

Download This App here

15) Talkatone: Free Texts, Calls & Phone Numbers

This app will provide you with a free virtual number. To verify Whatsapp Account it is the best app. Download and install it and create an account. Now, Get a Free Mobile Number for making and receiving phone calls all world.

Download and Install this app

This method is working on some Sites. if you are looking for an Online SMS Receive Service then Here are some websites where you can get free SMS online for verification a making accounts.

These Numbers can be harmful to your account security therefore, I will not prefer to use these services. To make a PayPal account or any other Real account for business or personal use you can get a Premium Virtual Number for 1 year and a lifetime.

I have found these Sites and all these websites are working perfectly. To make free USA Whatsapp accounts I will suggest you use Apps instead of websites. because thousands of people have already created accounts on these numbers and many numbers are banned from WhatsApp and Facebook.