How to Block Stolen & Lost Jazz SIM Online With a Code


Block Stolen & Lost Jazz SIM Online with a code is a very easy method. if you have a Jazz SIM then you can easily block your Stolen or Lost Jazz SIM online by dialling only a USSD code. Over time, Jazz has become much faster and smarter, just as the world is rapidly

moving towards a digital system, so too is Jazz trying to make its services faster and more sophisticated. If you have lost a Jazz SIM, you will no longer need to visit the Jazz office, nor will you need to talk to a Jazz representative to block the SIM. You can now block and unblock your lost SIM from any Jazz SIM with a single code. So today I’m going to show you an easy way to do it, which was introduced by Jazz himself.

How to Block Stolen & Lost Jazz SIM Online

Jazz has introduced the Lost and Stolen SIM cards blocking system. In which users can dial *8822# and can easily block or restore his/their Jazz number after providing correct information. When a user will dial *8822# then he/she will need to give correct information like CNIC number, Currant package, Last recharge or any FNF number. When the user will provide all information’s correctly he/she will successfully block or restore their number. Here are some steps which you can follow to block jazz SIM online.

Service NameDetailsUSSD Code
Lost & Stolen SIMs BlockBlock Lost & Stolen Jazz SIMs Online*8822#
  1. Go to the Dial pad from Jazz
  2. Dial *8822# from anyone Jazz SIM
  3. Select “1” To Block your SIM
  4. Enter the lost and stolen Mobile Number
  5. Now, Enter 13 digits CNIC number with any dashes
  6. Enter any FNF number or enter 0 if not have
  7. Enter the Last Recharge amount
  8. Select the correct package plan on your SIM
  9. Your SIM will be blocked.

Users can also call on Jazz Helpline number 111 to block their numbers. If a user did not get a response then he can also visit the Jazz franchise and office. If a user has got his stolen SIM card then he can again reactivate this SIM card using *8822# code. After providing correct information his SIM card will be unblocked. We hope that this service will help you to deactivate your Stolen Jazz SIM and you have done your work by using our provided method.