How to Block Stolen Mobile Phone Online in Pakistan PTA

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PTA Pakistani Telecommunication Authority has announced an online mobile phone block and unblock system. If a person’s mobile phone has been snatched, stolen, or lost, they can block their mobile phone via IMEI by calling or emailing the PTA Helpline. And it took up to 2 months to process.

Even if a person got his/her stolen mobile phone then he/she would have to apply to Unblock it again. And it also took a month for them to be Unblocking. But now they have introduced an online system to provide better facilities to the people of Pakistan which will be usable in a few days.

This allows any Pakistani face whose mobile phone is lost or stolen to be able to block and unblock their mobile phone at home.

How to Block Stolen/Lost Mobile Phone

  • Take the Mobile Box and Note your Stolen Phone IMEI Number
  • Check the IMEI number by dialing *#06#
  • To Block or unblock Stolen mobile in Pakistan visit the PTA website
  • Open Complain Form
  • Enter Complainant Information such as your name, CNIC, and other details
  • Select “Yes” on DIRBS Related Complaint
  • Select “Yes” on Stolen Mobile Handset / IMEI Related Complaint.
  • Now, Select the Request / Nature Type “Unblocking” or “Unblocking” which you want to do
  • Enter the IMEI, Model, Mobile Number, and Reason of Blocking.
  • You will receive an OTP on your provided number enter it.
  • Accept Terms and Conditions and click on Register complain button
  • Your complaint will be registered and your mobile will be blocked in 24 hours.

If your mobile phone was stolen and after blocking your mobile phone from PTA your mobile was found then you can unblock it easily by using the same method which I mentioned above. Here are complete details of How to Block stolen and lost mobile phone online PTA. You can block your mobile from PTA by sending your IMEI to fax number 021-35683336. There is another method that you can use and can block or unblock stolen phones. Write your complaint and send it to the PTA email Here is a complete method that you can use.

1. Block Stolen or Lost Mobile Phone Through Online Form

This is the fast and best method to block stolen mobile in Pakistan. If your mobile was stolen, theft and snatched you can fill this form and can block your mobile in 24 hours. After a while, if you find your mobile phone, the PTA allows you to reactivate it if you find it. Which will be blocked within 24 hours after entering your complaint number and correct IMEI number.

  • First of all Note your mobile IMEI number
  • Now, open the CLCP official website
  • Fill the complaint form by entering your valid IMEI, Mobile number, and other details which are required
  • You will receive OTP enter it and verify it.
  • After the complaint submit your mobile will be blocked 24 hours after submitting the form

2. PTA Fax Number

Here is another new method which you can use. You can fax your mobile IMEI number to 021-35683336. Once they will receive your application your mobile phone will be blocked in few hours of working days. The use of fax is very rare in Pakistan but big companies definitely take advantage of this technology. You need your full name, ID card number, mobile model, brand, SIM number that was present in the mobile, mobile theft time, a mobile number from which the company can contact you, email, and IMEI number of your mobile. They have to be sent by fax.

3. Through EMAIL to PTA

When a mobile phone is lost, the PTA gives the user 24 hours to find his mobile phone and reject his application. Within 24 hours, when the mobile phone is blocked, the applicant can re-activate it by providing his blocked complaint number. So here’s another way to do that via email. You must email your mobile phone’s IMEI number, mobile number, and date of theft to

4. Block Phone By Call to PTA Helpline Numbers

  • You can Call PTA (Pakistani Telecommunication Authority) Number: 0800-25625
  • Police Helpline Number: 15
  • CPLC (Citizen Police Liaison Committee) Contact number:  021-35662222

Pakistan’s telecommunications company (PTA) has provided this very good and excellent service to the people of Pakistan. Earlier, when mobiles were stolen or snatched, people did not know how to block their mobile phones at all and thus the theft of their private data became a big problem for them. Mobile phone theft, incidents, and snatching were on the rise in Pakistan. But since the launch of such services by Pakistan’s telecommunications company PTA, there has been a sharp decline in such crimes.

Contact Details of Pakistan’s Telecommunications Company
Contact No0800-25625
Fax Number021-35683336
Police Helpline15
Stolen Device Form