How to Block Zong SIM Online – Stolen & Lost Zong SIM


If you have lost your Zong SIM and you want to temporarily block it, don’t worry. Here I will give you the Zong SIM block code which you can block and unblock by dialing from any of your SIMs. You don’t have to go to any of Zong’s offices, just use this method and read How to block Zong’s lost SIM. You can block Zong SIM Online by using the below-given method.

How to Block Zong SIM Online

You will need a Zong SIM where you will be able to block your lost SIM. This Zong number should be registered on the same CNIC which you want to block.

  • Insert your other Zong SIM into your phone.
  • Open the dialpad and dial *310#.
  • Select the language & then My Account.
  • Then Select “Block/De-Block(Stolen).
  • Now, Enter 1 to Block the stolen SIM.
  • Enter your Zong number without “0” and tap Send.
  • Now, Your Zong number is temporarily blocked.

You can block your Zong SIM by dialing *310# from your other Zong which is registered in your name. There are other different ways to block Zong SIM. You can block your lost Zong SIM by going to Zong’s office or franchise with your original ID card. Call 310 for Zong SIM block with CNIC. After providing a full CNIC number and other information, your lost SIM will be blocked.

Block Zong SIM Temporarily by CNIC

  • Call to Zong Helpline number 310
  • Select the language and then 2.
  • Press 0 your call will be transferred to the customer care officer
  • Provide your Details such as; CNIC, Full name, and mother name
  • Your SIM will be blocked in 30 minutes
  • You can buy a duplicate Zong SIM in Rs.100 PKR from any retailer and Zong Faranchise.