How to Share Jazz Balance – Jazz Balance Share Code


How to Share Jazz Balance step by step guide. Many of the customers want to share recharge jazz to Jazz but they don’t know that how to share Jazz Balance. There is a complete method and solution which you can read below. You must have a minimum balance of Rs.15 to share it on any other prepaid number.

How to Share Jazz Balance

Dial *100*9230xxxxx*amount# to send the balance to any prepaid number. Confirm the number press 1 to send the balance. and You can send a maximum of Rs.500 balance per transaction and a minimum of Rs.15 PKR. If you want to share the balance your SIM should be at least 1 to 3 months old. New SIM users cannot share the balance while they did not charge the account.

Jazz to Jazz Balance Share Code

Jazz Balance Share CodeDial *100*92300xxxxxx*amount#

Terms & Conditions

  • All prepaid customers can be able to send and receive the balance
  • Rs. 4.17 PKR are applying on each transaction
  • The limit of balance sharing is Rs.15 to 500 rupees in 1 day
  • Party A and Party B should have been prepaid SIM
  • Wingle, Dongle, WIFI and data SIM users cannot use this offer
  • Terms & Conditions are applied.