How to Unlock Airtel 4G LTE Router?

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If you want to Unlock Airtel 4G LTE Router then you came to the right place because I will tell you a complete method to unlock any Airtel Model Router and device in only 10 minutes with step by step guide.

Step by Step Guide to Unlock Airtel 4G LTE Router

In the prior models (E5573s), when you need to change the firmware, there was a need to enter a code known as a gadget Flash code. This blaze code was not difficult to ascertain for the Old models dependent on the IMEI number as the calculation utilized was either Algo V1, Algo V2 or Algo V3.

Anyway, the most recent model, E5573Cs, utilizes the Algo V4, which requires a code, called DataLock Code. This code can’t be determined utilizing the IMEI number without any problem. Likewise, Airtel doesn’t give this Code by any means.

Subsequently, to change the firmware, we need to remove this code. This DataLock Code is put away on a space called the NVRAM (Non – Volatile RAM), alongside other information like your Device Serial Number, Device IMEI number, Wi-Fi default SSID, Wi-Fi Default Password.

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Unlock Airtel 4G LTE Router

1) Long Press Middle Button and Install Auto Drivers in PC

Start your Device by long-pressing the middle button, and both drove lights for organization and the battery will flicker green. Interface your Device to the PC/Laptop and let the drivers get introduced. In the event that the Autorun Option is accessible, run it and introduce the programming projects. When the Default Drivers are introduced, run the Huawei-HiLink-Drivers and Mobile Partner Drivers and introduce them also.

2) Open the Web UI by Opening IP Address (

Presently open the Web UI in the program (in the event that it doesn’t auto-open Go to Settings (whenever incited for ID/Pass, enter administrator in both), at that point go to gadget settings and make a note of the IMEI and Serial Number. This data will likewise be available inside the Device behind the battery and on the Box, you got the gadget in. We need this data to reestablish it later as I said it will get erased all the while.

3)Leave the Battery & open the front of the Device

Now turn off your gadget, by long squeezing the Center catch, and eliminate the back cover. Leave the Battery inside and Remove the 6 screws and open the front of the gadget.

4) Connect point to the Ground to come in Boot Menu

Now we need to boot shot the gadget. For this, you will require a wire or any metal which can be utilized to contact the Ground association with the Boot loader on the board, as demonstrated in the beneath outline. Keep both contacted with one hand, and with the other associate the gadget to the PC/Laptop with USB. You ought to hear a Sound and you will see some hardware is getting introduced.

5) Open the Downloaded Zip Files and install

Open Extract Balong_USB_Downloader_1.0.1.10 and E5573cs-323_usbloader, both these in one envelope. Run Balong and click on the Detect button, it will auto recognize the COM Port and afterwards click on the 3 dabs close to the Load button – > select USBLoader record which we extricated and click on load.

The Progress bar at the base will stack. allow it to finish till the end, don’t interupt it or separate the link regardless of whether it freezes. When done again you will hear a sound and the switch will restart and you will again see some equipment introducing.

Now close Balong, and open the record and execute the .exe inside it. Click on next, let it identify the gadget and it should begin downloading and introducing the Firmware in the Router. Once done, hang tight for a couple of moments for the gadget to restart and afterwards open any of the records (which at any point works, in the event that one doesn’t attempt the other) and run the exe once more. again it will download the new firmware and update it.

6) Your New Firmware is Installed

Now that the firmware is introduced, you need to introduce the WEB UI. Open the or (which at any point works, in the event that one doesn’t attempt the other) and run the exe inside it. Again it will identify the Device and introduce the WEB UI this time when done, the gadget will restart and in some time your browser will auto open with the Link

7) Create APN of your Network

Make a point to Add all your web profiles and APN’s here as this is the Huawei WebUI and it will permit you to add any specialist organization APN profile. On the off chance that you continue after this without adding the APN Profiles, you won’t be able to add them later as the default Idea and Airtel WebUI’s lock the APN and you can’t alter it.

Alternatively, you can likewise utilize the Huawei Link Android App to add the APN profiles later whenever. To add APN profiles go to Settings – > Profile Management and add the APN there and afterwards click on LOAD APN for which at any point Network Provider profile you need. Your device is not unlocked and you can now use any network SIM card in it.

In any case, since you cleaned the NVRAM, your IMEI and Serial Number are cleared off and such a gadget is illicit to work in any country.

In the event that you attempt to get to the web with a gadget with no IMEI, your administrator could detach your association immediately. Consequently, Now we need to reestablish the IMEI and Serial number you got in sync 1. This information is just for educational purposes only.