Jazz Auto Reply Service Code Activation & Deactivation


Jazz Auto Reply Service provides voice messages while if you did not give an answer to any caller. If you’re busy and you can’t answer someone’s call, you can record your voice and send a message to your callers with the Auto Reply service. Customers can record their voice message by making the call to 7071. This service can be subscribed for Rs.7.14/ Week. To activate the offer dial *7071#.

Jazz Auto Reply Service

Subscription CodeDial *7071#
Unsubscription CodeDial *7071#
ChargesRs. 7.14/Week

To record the voice message dial 7071 and record your voice. If the customers want to of this service temporarily then they have to need to send “OFF” to 7071. By OFF this service customers will regularly be charged for this service. To On this service send “ON” to 7071. If the customers have just activated this service and never set their voice then the default SMS will be ‘Ye user Abhi masroof hai. Please SMS karein. Shukariya’. To unsubscribe from this offer dial *7071# or send Unsub to 7071. Jazz terms & conditions are applicable here.