Jazz Balance Save Code While Using the Internet – Save Money


How to save the balance in Jazz when data is on. If you want to get Jazz Balance Save Code while using the internet then you come to the right place. If you have a Jazz SIM and you want to run the internet on that SIM but you are worried about balance then stop worrying now. You can now save your balance on Jazz SIM and if you have a balance in your SIM and you use the internet by turning on data then money will not be deducted from your SIM.

Simply dial *275# to activate the balance save service on your Jazz SIM. The problem in Pakistan is that when Jazz users turn on the data connection on their SIM, the balance in their SIM is deducted. As a result, they either stop balancing their SIM or do not use the internet on that SIM. So Jazz has come up with a solution to this problem that will not cut your balance.

Jazz Balance Save Code

If you are facing a balance drop or cut problem in Jazz SIM then dial *275# and activate the Jazz Balance saving service. Users can now enjoy the Internet without cutting Balance. This service is for all prepaid and postpaid customers. If you want to deactivate the balance saving service then simply dial *275*4#. When a User will dial *275# his/her data per MB connection will be removed and he/she will not be able to use the internet on balance. Whenever the user will not activate any Jazz internet packages internet will not work.

Service NamePriceDetailsActivation CodeUnsubscribing Code
Jazz Balance Save ServiceFREEBalance will not deducted while using Internet*275#*275*4#

When the user activates this service, the DataBase rate and Overage will be removed so that the user will not be able to use the internet without an internet package. This protects the user’s balance from being deducted.

Jazz Balance Lock Code

Here on the internet, many people search jazz balance save krny ka code or Jazz jazz balance lock code, and here I am showing you a method to lock balance on jazz sim or doosra balance code. Jazz has taken drastic measures to prevent its customers from having a balanced cut, one of which is to keep the balance in its confidential account. Now Jazz has introduced a new service that allows the user to lock their balance and keep their mobile balance in a secret place temporarily. From which no one can see its balance nor use it.

Lock Jazz Balance

  • Open dial pad and Dial *869#
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS of a successful activation offer
  • Again dial *869# and now select 1 and send
  • Enter Amount to add it in Doosra Balance and tap on Send
  • You will be charged Rs.10 PKR to send use this service

After activating this offer no one will be able to see your secret balance. Now, If you want to send the amount to your balance then again use this method and dial *869# from your Jazz SIM. Select 2 “Rakam Nikalen” and tap on send. Enter the amount in Rupees and again tap on send. To deactivate this offer simply dial *869# and then select 3 and tap on send.

Jazz strives to provide all kinds of services to its customers. So that they are satisfied with its network and also recommend this network to others. Jazz has benefited many people by introducing a second balance service. Just by hiding your mobile balance, the user can digest it unnecessarily and also save it from being deducted while using the internet. If you have any benefit from this offer, you can give your opinion in the comments below.

jazz balance save code is *275#. Dial this code and keep save your mobile balance while on the data connection. If your mobile balance is dropping then you can save it by dialing *275# and then select 1 to activate this service. Now, You will be able to use data without any balance Deductions.