Jazz Call Forwarding Subscribe & Unsubscribe Code


With Jazz Call Forwarding Service if customers have 2 jazz numbers and they can forwards the call to another jazz number. In simple words, we can divert Jazz Calls to another Jazz number. To activate the call divert or call forwarding simply dial **21*your number#. When you will dial this code your call will be diverted to provided number. Whenever someone will make a call on your number he/she will divert to your second provided number. Here isothere some codes that you can dial and can subscribe to and unsubscribe to divert and forward calls.

Call Divert / Forward Activation CodeDial **21*your other number#
Jazz Call Divert OFF CodeDial ##21#

Jazz Call Forward or Call Divert Code

To divert the Call to any other Jazz number dial **21*jazz number#. For example **21*03012345567#. When Customer will dial **21*03009688# they will be not able to make calls and will hear that your number is busy. It is a Jazz Call busy Divert system. When the user will dial **21*0300XXXX# then the caller will receive the answer that your number is Power OFF.

Unsubscribe to Jazz Call Forwarding and Divert service

Dial ##21# to unsubscribe from Jazz Call Divert and forwarding system.

Terms & Conditions

  • To read all terms and conditions of Jazz
  • Jazz customers can also deactivate these service by calling Jazz Helpline 111.