Jazz Double Number Service Subscription Code


With the Jazz Double number service and offer, customers are able to get double number on a single Jazz SIM. If any Jazz customer want to change his/her number, and they have only one SIM, then they can get this offer o their Jazz prepaid SIMS. While using this method, you will be able to get double number on any Jazz SIM. To get the double jazz number, simply dial 4030 and press 1. To make the call and send SMS from the double number, dial 88 before the number. For example, if you want to make call from the double number then dial Example (880300xxxxx) and before the messages write the number same as (880300xxxxx). When you make the call from double number the caller party will see your double number without 88 for example 0300xxxx. Customers also can make calls on PTCL from their double number.

Jazz Double Number

PackageFEATURESPRICEHow to Activate
Basic BundleCall Back ReminderRs.10/monthWrite ‘Basic On‘ and send to 4030
Meeting Point (Conference Call)FREE —
SMS into WebCan Read SMS on the WebFREEGo to the Web
SMS SignaturesAuto Signature in SMSFREEWrite ‘SIG’ send to 4030. E.g (Saleem Baloch)
  • To set the Signature on double number write “SIG” send to 4030
  • When customer will receive any SMS, they will be auto archived on the web
  • Write 88 before the number and then make call to call from Double number
  • Only prepaid customers have avail this offer
  • Customers can unsubscribe from double number offer by making a call to 4030 and press the ‘0’.
  • When the user will send SMS, they will charge Rs.0.60 per SMS
  • IVR charges are Rs.0.60 per min
  • The prefix call fee is Rs. 0.72 per 30 seconds
  • Customers are able to subscribe any package during this service activation