Jazz Free Internet Settings, VPN and Proxy Settings


Jazz free internet settings are the best method to use unlimited free internet on Jazz SIM. If you are looking for Jazz Free internet settings without balance then you are in the right place. I am providing you here with the latest internet tricks and methods which you can use can browse the free internet.

Here are multiple settings for proxies, ports, and VPNs. You can use VPN and injectors to install proxy internet settings. These settings help users to get free unlimited mobile phone internet on Android. If you have iPhone and IOS then this method may not work on it. So, be careful and use this method after ending the balance or having a zero balance.

Jazz FREE Internet VPN & APN Settings

You should have an android mobile phone with jazz prepaid and a data SIM card. After having these all things you can browse the free data on your phone.

  • Install VPN Private on your android phone
  • Install UC mini browser on your phone
  • Change the internet settings and APN
  • Get some free offers on your SIM
  • Don’t recharge the balance if you want to get free data

These things can help you to get free internet. Here are some VPNs that are working on Jazz SIM. You can use these settings and VPNs on your SIM of Jazz prepaid and postpaid and Data. All users can get benefit from it.

Dial *5555# and get a maximum of 10GB or a minimum of 2GB of internet. You have to never recharge the balance on your SIM for 1 month or more. After some months the company will send you a message where they will give you free gift on your SIM. IN this gift it may be free internet or free SMS and free calls. We cannot say anything that what the company will gift you.

You can keep your SIM switched off to get free internet. Because Jazz is offering free data to all new and reconnection users so, Jazz is providing this facility only to these customers. People do so that they switch off the sim card and switch on it after 2 to 3 months.

You will receive a free 10GB of internet after using this method. If this method does not work then try connecting the VPN, changing the internet and APN settings, and replacing the SIM card.