Jazz Internet Packages Daily, Hourly, Weekly, Monthly


Jazz Internet Packages : Jazz is Pakistan’s largest network and is currently widely used in Pakistan. Jazz has also received a reward from Okla for being the fastest internet speed. If we talk about Jazz packages then its internet packages are very cheap. Here are the details of daily, monthly, and weekly internet packages that you can easily apply without any hassle. If you want to install internet packages for less money then here are some that you can activate as you wish.

Jazz Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Hourly

Jazz has different types of internet packages and there are different types of Data limits. If you are looking for the latest Jazz Prepaid and Postpaid Internet Packages then I will provide you with a complete list of internet packages.

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Jazz daily internet packages have different types and different prices. There are a variety of daily internet packages available on Jazz SIM. All of them have a validity period of one day but there is a limit to their data which is different from each other. Many Jazz SIM users want to activate the Jazz internet package for one day to download content from the internet. But they don’t know which package is the best.

Jazz Daily Browser Internet Package

If you want to use the internet for a short time at a low price then this is the best package for you. With Daily Browser Package you can get a free 50MB for 1 Day at the low price of Rs.15 PKR. To activate the Jazz Daily Browser Package Dial *117*11#. To check remaining Dial *117*11*2#.

List of Jazz Daily Internet Packages 2023

Here is the list of Jazz Daily Internet Package Code 2023. A few days ago Jazz has introduced a 1-hour internet package for its all customers. All customers who want to download some content from the internet for a little time can get 1GB of data in Rs.9 PKR for the next 1 hour. This offer can be subscribed to all Prepaid SIMs. To activate this offer use JazzWorld App.

PackagePriceResourcesActivation CodeValidity
Daily BrowserRs.1550MB*117*11#1 Day
Jazz Daily ExtremeRs.202GB*757#1 Day
(12am – 12pm)
Jazz Daily Mega OfferRs.201000MB*117*4#1 Day
Hourly Extreme OfferRs.292000MB*846#2 Hours
YouTube & SocialRs.191GB for YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp*968#1 Day
YouTube BundleRs.191GB for YouTubeUse JazzWorld App1 Day
1 Hour Data OfferRs.151GBUse JazzWorld App1 Hour

1) Jazz Daily Browser Package

With the Daily browser, internet package users can get 50MB for 1 day in only Rs.15 PKR by dialling *117*11#. THE remaining MB can be check using the JazzWorld app.

  • Package: Jazz Daily Browser Package
  • Price: Rs.15
  • Resources: Free 50MB
  • Activation Code: *117*11#
  • Validity: 1 Day

2) Jazz Daily Extreme Package

From daily extreme offer, user can get free 2000MB for 1 Day which can be used from 12 am to 12 pm. This offer can be subscribed to Rs.15 PKR. If you are looking for the highest daily internet package then it is best for you. To activate this offer just dial *757#.

  • Package Name: Daily Extreme
  • Price: Rs.15
  • Resources: 2000MB
  • Validity: 1 Day (12am-12pm)
  • Activation Code: *757#

3) Jazz Daily Mega Offer

Jazz has introduces daily mega offer for its customers. In this offer, the user can get 1000MB for 1 day in only Rs.28 PKR. These MB can be used for 24 Hours. To activate this offer simply dial *117*4#.

  • Package Name: Daily Mega Offer
  • Price: Rs.28
  • Resources: 1000MB
  • Validity: 1 Day
  • Activation Code: *117*4#

4) Jazz Hourly Internet offer

Many people on the internet about Jazz Hourly internet package code. Here is a jazz Hourly Extreme offer for Jazz Prepaid customers wherefrom users can get 2000MB for 2 Hours in only Rs.21 PKR. to activate hourly internet offer dial *846#.

  • Package Name: Hourly Extreme Offer
  • Price: Rs.21
  • Resources: 2000MB
  • Validity: 2 Hours
  • Activation Code: *846#

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages 2023

Jazz seven days internet packages are different by the price and MB. With Jazz Weekly, Mega Plus Offer users can get 25GB data in only Rs.275 PKR by dialling *453# which can be used for the last 7 days. This is a very high volume Data offer for all Jazz Users.

There is another weekly cheapest Internet package called Weekly-Extreme Offer. This offer is a very cheap price is Rs.75 PKR and all Jazz users can get 2500MB by dialling *117*1#. These free MB are Valid from 12:00 AM – 12:00 PM.

PackagePriceResourcesActivation CodeValidity
Jazz Weekly YouTube & SocialRs.1005000MB for (WhatsApp, Facebook & IMO)7 Days
Jazz Weekly Premium OfferRs.1603000MB*117*47#7 Days
Jazz Weekly Mega OfferRs.2307GB7 Days
Jazz Weekly Mega Plus OfferRs.30025GB + FREE Jazz TV7 Days
Jazz Weekly-Extreme OfferRs.952500MB*117*1#7 Days
Jazz Weekly Plus OfferRs.24012GB (6GB from 2 AM – 2 PM)*157#7 Days

1) Jazz Weekly Plus Offer

Many Jazz users are busy all day and they want to use the internet only at night or morning because of their work routines. So, Jazz has introduced the Jazz Weekly Plus Offer which can be subscribed to Rs.210 PKR for 7 days.

Once the user has activated this package then he/she will receive 12GB of data for one week. 6GB data can be used for 24 hours and the other 6GB of data can be used from 2 am-2 pm. If you are looking for this bundle then simply dial *157# and activate this bundle. Now here, I am providing you the list of Jazz Monthly internet packages.

  • Package Name: Jazz Weekly Plus Offer
  • Price: Rs. 210 PKR
  • Resources: 12GB Data
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Activation Code: *157#

2) Weekly Extreme Offer

Here is another weekly internet offer for jazz users called Weekly Extreme Offer. From this offer, users can get 2500MB for 7 Days in only Rs.75 PKR. To activate the Weekly extreme offer simply dial *117*1# or use the JazzWorld app.

  • Package Name: Weekly Extreme Offer
  • Price: Rs.75
  • Resources: 2500MB
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Activation Code: *117*1#

3) Jazz Weekly Mega Plus Offer

From jazz Weekly Mega Plus Offer all jazz users can get 25GB data for 7 days in only Rs.275 PKR. These MB can be used for 24 Hours. To activate this amazing offer dial *453#.

  • Package Name: Mega Plus Offer
  • Price: Rs.295
  • Resources: 25GB
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Activation Code: *453#

4) Weekly Mega Offer

From Jazz Weekly Mega Offer all Jazz Prepaid Get 7GB data in only Rs.210 PKR for 7 Days. To activate this offer users can use the JazzWorld app and dial *159#.

  • Package Name: Weekly Mega Offer
  • Price: Rs.230
  • Resources: 7GB
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Activation Code: *159#

5) Jazz Weekly Premium Offer

Weekly internet offers are amazing for all Users and different prices than each other. Jazz Weekly Premium Offer Prepaid customers can get 3000MB in Rs.147 PKR for 7 Days. This offer is very cheap but data is limited. To activate the Weekly Premium Offer dial *117*47#.

  • Package Name: Jazz Weekly Premium Offer
  • Price: Rs. 160
  • Resources: 3000MB
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Activation Code: *117*47#

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages 2023

Jazz is the first 4G mobile network that has the cheapest monthly internet offers. With Jazz Monthly Extreme Package Jazz provides 5000MB for 30 days in Rs.150 only. If you don’t use the internet for downloading then this is the best internet offer for you for 30 days. To activate this package simply dial *117*34#.

PackagePriceResourcesActivation CodeValidity
Monthly ExtremeRs.1605000MB
from (2 AM-2 PM)
*117*34#30 Days
Supreme PackageRs.55020GB (10GB 2am – 2pm)30 Days
Monthly SocialRs.1105GB (WhatsApp, Facebook & IMO) + 12000 SMS*661#30 Days
Mega PlusRs.39012GB (6GB 2am – 2pm)30 Days
Premium Internet PackageRs.65025GB (10GB YouTube) + 250 All Net Mins*2000#30 Days
Monthly Browser PackRs.1102000MB*709#30 Days

From Jazz Monthly Extreme Offer all Jazz Prepaid have a good facility to get the cheapest monthly internet package. If we look at this package then This package is for internet browsers who use the internet just for browsing.

They need the internet for browsing websites or to get information on the Internet. If you will start downloading content then it will be end soon in some days. So, use for only browsing the internet for downloading.

Jazz Monthly Extreme Offer

Jazz customers can activate monthly extreme offers at Rs.150 PKR cheapest price. From this offer, all Prepaid customers can get 5000MB for 30 days. These MB can be used from 2 AM to 2 PM. To activate this offer dial *117*34#.

  • Package Name: Monthly Extreme Offer
  • Price: Rs.170
  • Resources: 5000MB
  • Validity: 30 Days (2am to 2pm)
  • Activation Code: *117*34#

Jazz Supreme Package

With Jazz, Supreme Internet offer users can get 20GB of Data for 1 Month. This package is available for all Jazz users. To activate this offer user will need the load of Rs.550 PKR or dial *117*32#. From This offer user will receive 20GB of data of which 10GB for 24 hours and 10GB of data from 2 am to 2 pm.

  • Package Name: Monthly Supreme Package
  • Price: Rs.550
  • Resources: 20GB
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Activation Code: *117*32#

Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Offer

Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Offer is providing 12GB data for 1 Month in 349 PKR. This is the cheapest Monthly internet package for Jazz. 6GB data can be consumed from 2 am to 2 pm and the other 6GB can be used for 24 Hours. To activate this package recharge your SIM and dial *117*30#.

  • Package / Offer: Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Offer
  • Price: Rs.440 PKR
  • Resources: 12GB
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Activation Code: *117*30#
  • Remaining MB checkDial *117*30*2#

Jazz Monthly Premium Internet Package

  • Package Name: Monthly Premium Offer
  • Price: Rs.650
  • Resources: 25GB (10GB YouTube) + 250 All Net Mins
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Activation Code: *2000#

Jazz Monthly Browser Pack Offer

  • Package Name: Monthly Browser Pack Offer
  • Price: Rs.90
  • Resources: 2000MB
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Activation Code: *709#

Monthly Super Duper Offer

Jazz has brought a new offer for its customers which name is a monthly super duper offer. Users can activate this bundle in Rs.700 load in which they will receive 3000 On-Net minutes, 150 Off-net minutes and 6000MB data + 3000 SMS for 30 days.

Activate Monthly Super Duper Offer

To check the remaining MB on Jazz use the JazzWorld app. Every internet offer has a different USSD code to check the remaining MB, Minutes, and SMS. Users can also dial *5555# to get discount offers. To activate 3G or 4G internet offers dial *443# and select your own choice of package. We will try to keep update this post and packages.