Jazz Postpaid Packages & Offers Price Plans


Jazz is one of the best 4G network in Pakistan which is very famous for its cheap packages. In addition to prepaid, postpaid SIM are also used more in Pakistan which prices are fixed. In the Postpaid SIMS user need to pay a monthly bill and then he/she can use freedom calls, SMS and mobile data. Here I will provide you with complete details of Postpaid packages and price plans. Its internet packages are listed on easypakistan.com. If you want to get the latest update then visit the homepage and find your choose package.

Jazz Postpaid Packages

Currently, Jazz has introduced four postpaid packages which details are given below. If you want to activate these packages you can use the given codes.

Package NameMinutesSMSDataPrice
J3001000 On-net & 150 Of-net1000 SMS1000 MB (500 MB Whatsapp, FB, Twitter)Rs. 599 (incl. Tax)
J6002000 On-net & 300 Of-net2000 SMS1GB dataRs. 899 (incl. Tax)
J999Unlimited On-net & 500 Of-net5000
2GBRs. 1499 (incl. Tax)
J1500Unlimited On-net & 500 Of-net7000 SMS7GB + 1GB SocialRs. 1599 (incl. Tax)

If you have to make little calls then you can choose J300 Package which is costly Rs.599 PKR. You will need to visit the nearest franchise and retails to convert Prepaid to postpaid SIM. here are four types of Jazz Postpaid packages. In J600 Postpaid monthly package you can get 2000 on-net minutes, and 300 of-net minutes. Without these Jazz is providing us 1GB data in only 899 PKR for 1 Month.

There are multiple offers that have different on-net and o-net minutes quantity and different resources. Also, all postpaid packages prices are very different from each other. If you need more information you can call 111 from your Jazz SIM.