How to Jazz Tune Subscribe/Unsubscribe Code


Jazz Caller Tune subscribes and unsubscribes method is mention below. When a person makes a call on your number then he/she starts to listen to music or Kalam. Many people have complained that their SIM balance always dropped due to this service and they look for Jazz Tunes unsubscribe code. So, here is the complaint details of Jazz callers tune subscribe and unsubscribe code.

Jazz Tune Subscribe or Unsubscribe

Service Name
Jazz Tune
Subscription CodeDial 230 or Send “SUB” to 230
Un-Subscription CodeDial 230 or Send “UNSUB” to 230
ChargesRs. 2.80/Day
IVR Charges (By dialling 2301)Rs. 0.72/Min
IVR Charges (By dialling 230)Rs. 2.99/Min 
SMS Charges (Content Download)Rs. 8.49 + tax

Customers can choose a tune of their callers when they make a call and till the answer call, they will listen to your selected music or any tune which you have set up.

Jazz Tune Unsubscribe Code

Jazz Champion Package

Subscriptiondial 230 or Send “Sub” to 230
Un-subscriptiondial 230 or Send “unsub” to 230
SMS ChargesRs.9.55/SMS
IVR ChargesRs.2.38/Minute

Terms & Conditions

  • All Prepaid and Postpaid customers can get this offer.
  • Subscription and Un-subscription method for Prepaid and Postpaid is the same.
  • Rs.2.50 per day will be charged while activating this offer
  • If the users have not to balance in their account then the service will continue working.
  • When the user will recharge the balance these service charges will be charged for all previous days.
  • Jazz Tune unsubscribe code will 230 or sending “Unsub” to 230.
  • Customer can contact Jazz helpline 111 for more information.
  • To download or select Tune for your number click here.