Lock Jazz Balance While Using the Internet


If you are worried about your balance deducting issue then you can easily lock Jazz SIM Balance while using the internet. If you are using the internet on your Jazz SIM then this post is for you. Now, you can lock your Jazz balance to save it by deducting and using the internet. This problem mostly occurs on Jazz prepaid SIMs because its default internet rates are very high.

When you do not have any internet package and your data is ON while having the balance then it can deduct the high amount in a few minutes. Jazz default internet rates are Rs.5/512KB that is mostly high. On 3G and 4G SIM cards when we use the internet then a minimum of 5MB is consumed on android phones because of the fastest speed of networks. So, in this case, we are worried to use the internet.

Jazz Balance Save Service While Internet ON

Jazz has provided a balance save service to all prepaid and postpaid customers. You can also lock and disable data connection when we have not needed it. By using this service, when someone turns on the internet it will not work and our balance will still save. It is easy to disable the GPRS, 3G, and 4G internet service. To do that go to the messages and Send “OFF GPRS” to 6009. In a few seconds, your internet will be disabled. You can do it on all prepaid and postpaid SIMs. When you need internet then you can turn it on by sending a blank SMS or “GPRS” to 6009.

Service NameGPRS 3G & 4G
ActivationSend “GPRS” to 6009
Deactivate GPRSSend “OFF GPRS” to 6009

Here is another method that you can use to save your balance. With this service, customers can use the internet while having an internet package. After the end of the package, the balance will not deduct while data is on from the customer’s account.

Jazz has provided free internet service to all prepaid customers. Now, all customers can use the Jazzworld app to get daily free internet. Jazz provides a minimum of 20MB and a maximum of 200MB every day. This is a weekly cycle and it ends in 7 days. We have this opportunity but we don’t use these free MBs on our SIMs. Its main reason is that when we turn on the data the apps still run on our mobile phone in the background and they start consuming the internet. So, our balance starts deducting when we do not have any internet package.

With the Jazz balance save service, you can use the Whatsapp package and can turn ON data. While this offer is active your balance will not drop. You can use Whatsapp without any hassle. If you are using free internet from the Jazz world app then you can use it absolutely free. Now, here is the method that you can use to activate the balance lock service.

Dial *275# to activate the balance lock & save service. It is free you can use it without balance. If you don’t have any internet package and you forget to turn off the data then your balance will not drop. I hope you understand better and have activated this service.