Nayatel Internet Packages – Price, Speed & Review


Nayatel Internet is the most widely used connection in the 4 big cities of Pakistan. Naytel company uses fibre internet, which provides internet service in Pakistan through 2 fibre wires. At this time Nayatel is available in the five biggest cities which are Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar. Nayatel is spreading very fast in Pakistan and the main reason is its cheap packages and its good coverage. Special about this company is that it provides 24/7 services to its customers so that the users can easily solve their problems.

The company has been working hard to provide the best and fastest internet service to its customers. It is rapidly covering the area around four cities in Pakistan. With the economy and rising inflation, they have developed special monthly internet packages so that everyone can have access to the internet. Its monthly Unlimited internet packages of up to 300Mbps are available at affordable prices and can be installed in homes, offices, and anywhere.

Nayatel Islamabad & Rawalpindi Package

Many packages have a time difference and many have data used to access the Internet. The company has made all kinds of packages for the benefit of its customers and according to their needs and demands. If a person just wants to install YouTube, they have a separate package which is a bit cheaper and faster than other packages. If you are from Islamabad then there are three types of connections that you can install as per your wish and need.

  1. Unlimited Home Internet
  2. Limited Internet Packages
  3. Connect Packages

Nayatel Unlimited Home Internet Package

Islamabad & Rawalpindi Unlimited Internet Connection provides seven types of packages to the customers out of which the user activates the package or connection keeping in view his expenses and internet speed. The only difference between the two is the packaging. One is the price and the other is speed. Now, if the user wants a connection with the fastest internet speed, then Nayatel offers its customers special packages up to a speed of up to 100Mbps and its data usage is unlimited.

PackagePriceVolume / MBSpeedValidity
Unlimited Bundle BasicRs.225 PKRUnlimited YouTube Only10Mbps1 Month
Unlimited Bundle ExtremeRs.649 PKRUnlimited YouTube & Netflix50Mbps1 Month
Unlimited Bundle PlusRs.449 PKRUnlimited YouTube & Netflix30Mbps1 Month
Unlimited 10Rs.1,999 PKRUnlimited10Mbps30 Days
Unlimited 15Rs.2,399 PKRUnlimited15Mbps30 Days
Unlimited 20Rs.2,799 PKRUnlimited20Mbps30 Days
Unlimited 30Rs.3,299 PKRUnlimited30Mbps30 Days
Unlimited 50Rs.4,999 PKRUnlimited50Mbps30 Days
Unlimited 70Rs.7,299 PKRUnlimited70Mbps30 Days
Unlimited 100Rs.9,999 PKRUnlimited100Mbps30 Days

Terms & Conditions for Unlimited Connections:

  • Additional 5 GHz routers will need to avail full speed up to 50Mbps and above packages.
  • Carrying forward a volume of existing customers becomes obsolete once upgraded to Unlimited Packages.
  • Customers will not be able to transfer/receive volume irrespective of volume usage.
  • Unlimited Bundles cannot be subscribed on Unlimited packages.
  • Customers have to send an email to in case more than 1 connection is required on a single ONT
  • Limit Lock is not applicable on unlimited packages.
  • These packages are only for Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
  • Nayatel holds the right to terminate services without prior notice in case of any misuse of Nayatel Connection.

Limited Internet Packages

The biggest difference in such offers is the usage of the internet. If you install this limited package, you will get some changes in your internet usage time and some limitations in your internet usage. For example, if you use the starter package in it, you are given 125GB of internet which you can use from Monday to Friday from (8 pm to 8 am). You can use unlimited internet for this on Saturdays, Sundays and last week.

PackagePriceSpeedVolume /MBsValidity
Monthly StarterRs.1549 PKR10Mbps125GB (Unlimited at Night & Weekends)30 Days
Ultra Monthly packageRs.2069 PKR18Mbps150GB (Unlimited at Night & Weekends)30 Days
Extreme 15Rs.1859 PKR15Mbps150GB (Unlimited at Night & Weekends)30 Days
Extreme 20Rs.2479 PKR20Mbps150GB (Unlimited at Night & Weekends)30 Days
  • Monthly Starter: Rs.1549 PKR, 10Mbps, 125GB (Unlimited at Night & Weekends), 30 Days
  • Ultra Monthly package: Rs.2069 PKR, 18Mbps, 150GB (Unlimited at Night & Weekends), 30 Days
  • Extreme 15: Rs.1859 PKR, 15Mbps, 150GB (Unlimited at Night & Weekends), 30 Days
  • Extreme 20: Rs.2479 PKR, 20Mbps, 150GB (Unlimited at Night & Weekends), 30 Days

Connect Packages

This is an unlimited package and if you apply for this offer then you have to use the given package only. If your package or your MB runs out, you will have to pay Rs 60 per GB. In addition, you are given a limit on how much internet you can use in a month and how fast you can run the internet. Remember that all the packages given to you can be applied only by the people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Internet connection fees and package prices in other cities will vary.

PackagePriceSpeedVolume / MBsValidity
CONNECT 1024 30MRs.10,200 PKR30Mbps1024GB30 Days
CONNECT 1430 35MRs.14,300 PKR35Mbps1430GB30 Days
CONNECT 2048 35MRs.20,500 PKR35Mbps2048GB30 Days
CONNECT 2560 40MRs.25,900 PKR40Mbps2560GB30 Days
CONNECT 3072 40MRs.32,500 PKR40Mbps3072GB30 Days
CONNECT 3580 45MRs.35,900 PKR45Mbps3580GB30 Days

Terms & Conditions

  • Additional Usage per GB Rs.60 PKR will be charged on all Connect Packages.
  • On the CONNECT 3072, 40M Offer Additional Usage charges will be Rs.70 PKR per GB.
  • In limited Packages, additional usage after ending the package price of Data will be Rs.30 PKR per GB
  • To activate more than 50Mbps packages we will recommend you use a 5GHz router to avail full bandwidth.

Nayatel Faber Internet packages have specially offered a different package for homes. If you want to use only YouTube and Netflix then it provides the cheapest unlimited internet in Pakistan. The very Low-cost internet package is the “Basic” Package which the monthly cost is only Rs.225 PKR for 1 month.

Nayatel Peshawar Packages

First of all, I will tell you about Triple Play packages which are available only in Peshawar City. If you belong to Peshawar then read this post. Here are more than 20+ packages that you can choose and activate for your home. In Peshawar Nayatel offers three types of packages which are below Given:

  1. Triple Play Package
  2. Unlimited Internet Package
  3. Limited Internet Package

Triple Play

Triple Play offers customers the fastest internet speed packages ranging from 5Mbps to 100Mbps with unlimited downloads. If we talk about its price, its price ranges from 1,399 / month to 10,199 / month in Pakistan. The only difference between these packages is the internet speed and its price. For the rest, you can use unlimited internet. This offer is for people living in Peshawar only.

If you want to get an unlimited fiber internet connection in your home and that too at a very low price then this gives you a TRIPLE PLAY 5M offer. Which you get unlimited internet at a speed of 5Mbps for only 1,399 Pakistani rupees.

TRIPLE PLAY 5MRs.1,399 PKRUnlimited5 Mbps30 Days
TRIPLE PLAY 10MRs.1,750 PKRUnlimited10 Mbps30 Days
TRIPLE PLAY 12MRs.1,799 PKRUnlimited12 Mbps30 Days
TRIPLE PLAY 15MRs.1,800 PKRUnlimited15 Mbps30 Days
TRIPLE PLAY 20MRs.2,050 PKRUnlimited20 Mbps30 Days
TRIPLE PLAY 30MRs.3,150 PKRUnlimited30 Mbps30 Days
TRIPLE PLAY 50MRs.4,800 PKRUnlimited50 Mbps30 Days
TRIPLE PLAY 70MRs.6,400 PKRUnlimited70 Mbps30 Days
TRIPLE PLAY 100MRs.9,000 PKRUnlimited100 Mbps30 Days
TRIPLE PLAY 150 MbpsRs.12,000Unlimited150 Mbps30 Days
TRIPLE PLAY 300 MbpsRs. 20,000Unlimited300 Mbps30 Days

Unlimited Internet

With this unlimited internet offer, “Nayatel” gives you some different types and 100Mbps fast internet packages up to Rs. 9,999 only. In it, the customer gets unlimited internet. Its Fiber Internet Packages start from PKR 1,199 to 9,999 PKR. Information on its packages is provided below.

Unlimited 10Rs.1,450 PKRUnlimited10 Mbps1 Month
Unlimited 15Rs.1,500PKRUnlimited15 Mbps1 Month
Unlimited 20Rs.1,750 PKRUnlimited20 Mbps1 Month
Unlimited 30Rs.2,850 PKRUnlimited30 Mbps1 Month
Unlimited 50Rs.4,500 PKRUnlimited50 Mbps1 Month
Unlimited 70Rs.6,100PKRUnlimited70 Mbps1 Month
Unlimited 100Rs.8,700 PKRUnlimited100 Mbps1 Month
Unlimited 150Rs.11,700 PKRUnlimited150Mbps1 Month
Unlimited 350Rs.19,700 PKRUnlimited300Mbps1 Month

Limited Packages

As I mentioned to you above these types of package that packages have different internet speeds by the time. Such as, If you got the Monthly Starter 75GB package then you will be able to use this 75GB data from 8 AM – 8 PM at 8Mbps speed. In the remaining time, you can use unlimited internet from Saturday to Sunday around the clock and Monday to Friday from 8 PM to 8 AM.

STARTER 75GBRs.1,399 PKR75GB8-10 Mbps8 Mbps (8 AM to 8 PM) & Unlimited Data (Mon-Fri) 8 PM-8 AM (Sat-Sun) Round the Clock
HOME 100 EXTREMERs.1,699 PKR100GB12-15 Mbps100GB @12Mbps (10 AM-6 PM) Unlimited Downloads @15Mbps (Mon-Fri) 6 PM-1 AM (Sat-Sun) Round the clock
HOME 100 ULTRARs.1,899 PKR100GB15 Mbps100GB (9 AM-7 PM) & Unlimited Data (Mon-Fri) 7 PM-9 AM (Sat-Sun) Round the clock
HOME 100 ExtremeRs.2,299 PKR100GB15 Mbps100GB (10 AM-6 AM) & Unlimited Data (Mon-Fri) 6 PM-10 AM (Sat-Sun) Round the clock
Home 100 MegaRs.2,999 PKR100GB15-20 Mbps15Mbps 9 AM-7 PM & Unlimited Data (Mon-Fri) 7 PM-9 AM (Sat-Sun) Round the clock
Home 100 ExtremeRs.3,799 PKR100GB20 Mbps100GB (10 AM-6 PM) & Unlimited Data (Mon-Fri) 6 PM-10 AM (Sat-Sun) Round the clock
Home 100 SupremeRs.4,999 PKR100GB20-30 Mbps20Mbps 10 AM-5 PM & Unlimited Data (Mon-Fri) 5 PM-10 AM (Sat-Sun) Round the clock
Home 100 SupremeRs.5,999 PKR100GB30 Mbps100GB (10 AM-5 PM) & Unlimited Data (Mon-Fri) 5 PM-10 AM (Sat-Sun) Round the clock

Connect Packages

PackagePriceVolumeSpeedAdditional Usage
CONNECT 500 25MRs.4900 PKR500GB25 Mbps30 Days
CONNECT 1024 30MRs.10,200 PKR1024GB30 Mbps30 Days
CONNECT 1430 35MRs.14,300 PKR1430GB35 Mbps30 Days
CONNECT 2048 35MRs.20,500 PKR2048GB35 Mbps30 Days
CONNECT 2560 40MRs.25,900 PKR2560GB40 Mbps30 Days
CONNECT 3072 40MRs.32,500 PKR3072GB40 Mbps30 Days
CONNECT 3580 45MRs.35,900 PKR3580GB45 Mbps30 Days

Nayatel Faisalabad Packages

The price, volume, and speed of their packages in Faisalabad are slightly different from other city packages. Here too you will find three types of internet connections, some unlimited and some limited. Limited has a set time to use the Internet that the user has to use the Internet. Many people use the Internet at night because they are in the office all day and cannot use the Internet. Therefore, special packages have been developed for such customers.

Triple Play Offers

TRIPLE PLAY – 5MbpsRs.1,530 PKRUnlimited5 Mbps30 Days
TRIPLE PLAY – 7MbpsRs.1,699 PKRUnlimited5 Mbps30 Days
TRIPLE PLAY – 10MbpsRs.1,999 PKRUnlimited10 Mbps30 Days
TRIPLE PLAY – 12MbpsRs.2,399 PKRUnlimited12 Mbps30 Days
TRIPLE PLAY – 15MbpsRs.2,699 PKRUnlimited15 Mbps30 Days
TRIPLE PLAY – 20MbpsRs.2,999 PKRUnlimited20 Mbps30 Days
TRIPLE PLAY – 30MbpsRs.3,499 PKRUnlimited30 Mbps30 Days
TRIPLE PLAY – 50MbpsRs.5,199 PKRUnlimited50 Mbps30 Days
TRIPLE PLAY – 70MbpsRs.7,499 PKRUnlimited70 Mbps30 Days
TRIPLE PLAY – 100MbpsRs.10,199 PKRUnlimited100 Mbps30 Days

Nayatel Unlimited Internet Package

Activate Nayatel Unlimited package from Rs.1499 to 9,999 PKR monthly in the range of 7Mbps to 100Mbps speed. If the user wants to get the highest internet connection of more than 50Mbps we will recommend using a 5GHz router for WIFI.

Unlimited 7Rs.1,499 PKRUnlimited7 Mbps1 Month
Unlimited 10Rs.1,799 PKRUnlimited10 Mbps1 Month
Unlimited 12Rs.2,199 PKRUnlimited12 Mbps1 Month
Unlimited 15Rs.2,499 PKRUnlimited15 Mbps1 Month
Unlimited 20Rs.2,799 PKRUnlimited20 Mbps1 Month
Unlimited 30Rs.3,299 PKRUnlimited30 Mbps1 Month
Unlimited 50Rs.4,999 PKRUnlimited50 Mbps1 Month
Unlimited 70Rs.7,299 PKRUnlimited70 Mbps1 Month
Unlimited 100Rs.9,999 PKRUnlimited100 Mbps1 Month

Nayatel Limited Internet Package

In these packages, all Faisalabad citizens can get Fiber internet connection from 8Mbps to 100Mbps highest internet speed. Its price starts from Rs13,99 to 5,999 PKR for one month. In the monthly starter package, users will be able to use 100GB of data from Monday to Friday from 8 PM to 8 AM at 20Mbps speed. Nayatel’s more internet packages are given below.

STARTERRs.1,399 PKR100GB8 Mbps(Mon-Fri)@ 20 Mbps from 8 PM-8 AM (Sat-Sun) Round the clock
HOME 100 EXTREMERs.1,699 PKR100GB12 Mbps(Mon-Fri)@ 15 Mbps from 6 PM-10 AM (Sat-Sun) Round the clock
HOME 100 ULTRARs.1,899 PKR100GB15 Mbps(Mon-Fri)@ 20 Mbps from 8 PM-8 AM (Sat-Sun) Round the clock
HOME 100 ExtremeRs.2,299 PKR100GB15 Mbps(Mon-Fri) 7 PM-9 AM (Sat-Sun) Round the clock
Home 100 MegaRs.2,999 PKR100GB15 Mbps(Mon-Fri) 10 AM-6 AM (Sat-Sun) Round the clock
Home 100 ExtremeRs.3,799 PKR100GB20 Mbps(Mon-Fri) 10 AM-6 PM (Sat-Sun) Round the clock
Home 100 SupremeRs.4,999 PKR100GB20 Mbps(Mon-Fri)@ 30 Mbps from 5 PM-10 AM (Sat-Sun) Round the clock
Home 100 SupremeRs.5,999 PKR100GB30 Mbps(Mon-Fri)@ 30 Mbps from 10 AM-5 AM (Sat-Sun) Round the clock

The network has covered only four cities in Pakistan and is trying to increase its coverage as soon as possible so that the whole of Pakistan can benefit from the fastest speed of this fiber internet. Nayatel is currently present in Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar. If you want to activate your Nayatel connection then you can visit their website and submit your application. They offer 24/7 Support in which everyone can solve their problems in a little time.