Telenor YouTube package – Daily, Weekly & Monthly


Telenor YouTube package and codes to subscribe on prepaid SIMs. Telenor’s number of subscribers is increasing day by day due to its excellent internet packages. Telenor has introduced its YouTube packages which can now be used for one day, seven days, and one month. There are three types of Telenor YouTube packages and their price and data limits are also different from each other.

If a user wants to activate the Telenor YouTube package for one day, he can easily get five hundred MB of YouTube for one day for just Rs.8 PKR. In addition, with the weekly offer, the user can get five GB of YouTube, which will cost only Rs.120 PKR. Many people are using Telenor Free Internet using different types of methods.

Telenor Daily YouTube Package

Telenor offers a daily YouTube offer which provides 500MB for YouTube at the cheapest price of Rs.8 PKR. This package can be activated on all Telenor SIMS. To activate this offer user needs to dial *60#. Once the user dials this code he/she will get a confirmation SMS of offer activation that he/she has successfully activated the Telenor Daily YouTube offer in which he got 500MB of data for 1 Day.

Package NamePriceResourcesActivation CodeValidity
Daily YouTube PackageRs.8 PKR500MB for YouTube*60#1 Day

Users can activate this offer from the My Telenor App. To check the remaining MBs dial *999# or use My Telenor App. With this package, the user will be able to use YouTube for 1 day till midnight.

Telenor’s daily YouTube package price is now Rs.8 PKR excluded Tax. You can check more details and subscribe to it on the Telenor app or Easypaisa app.

Telenor Weekly YouTube Offer

This offer will provide free 5GB of data for 7 days for Rs.130 PKR. All Telenor Users can activate this YouTube weekly offer at the cheapest price by dialling *220#. With this offer from Telenor, users can get five GB of YouTube data for just Rs. 130 for a week. Users can watch dramas, movies, videos, comedy videos, recipes, and more on YouTube.

Package NamePriceResourcesActivation CodeValidity
Weekly YouTube PackageRs.130 PKR5000 MB for YouTube, TikTok, Likee and SnackVideo *220#7 Days

Telenor Monthly YouTube Offer

Telenor Monthly YouTube offers to provide 50GB of data for 30 days for Rs.700 PKR+Tax. All users who use the internet less and use YouTube more can now get 50 GB from Telenor’s monthly YouTube offer. Users can now watch live radio on YouTube as much as they want. This package can be activated at PKR 700 with tax. This is a great offer for many users who watch YouTube live on their TV and watch long videos there such as movies, dramas, etc.

Package NamePriceResourcesActivation CodeValidity
Telenor Monthly YouTube PackageRs.700 PKR50 GB for YouTube*303#30 Days

These all packages are available on the Telenor app and users also can activate these offers here. These packages are valid for Telenor Prepaid customers only. Telenor YouTube package’s subject can be changed anytime. Users can use YouTube on the YouTube app, Vidmate, or any Internet browser. These free MBs can be consumed on 2G, 3G, and 4G. All Telenor users can dial *999# to check the remaining Mbs.

Telenor has many other packages such as Telenor TikTok Offer which allows the user to activate the TikTok package on their SIM daily and weekly only and use it for cheap money. Telenor’s weekly internet packages, monthly internet packages, and many more internet packages are currently available on the web and is updated over time. If you want to know more about Telenor’s internet packages you can easily find them here.