Ufone TikTok Offer | Ufone Weekly TikTok Package Code


With Ufone Tiktok Offer all users can get 1.5GB data for 7 Days in only Rs.75 PKR. Ufone has introduced a weekly TikTok offer/package which is available for Rs.75 (Load) for 7 days. Now, TikTok Stars and TikTok Users can get this amazing offer and can use TikTok for 7 days at this cheap price. To subscribe or activate the Ufone TikTok offer dial *2345#.

Ufone TikTok Package Code

Ufone TikTok package code is *2345# which can be subscribed to in only Rs.75 (load). Users can enjoy 1.5GB of data and can watch TikTok videos for 7 days at this cheap price. Ufone TikTok haftawar package is very cheap and all users have availed of this.

Ufone TikTok OfferRs.75 (Load)1.5GB for TikTokDial *2345#7 Days

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is available for prepaid customers only
  • 1.5GB of data can be used for the TikTok app only
  • This offer will not automatically be subscribed after ending the package
  • The user will need Rs.50 (load) to activate this offer
  • All prices are inclusive of taxes
  • To check the remaining MB on Ufone dial *706#

TikTok is now becoming very popular in which people make short videos and upload them to this app. It is becoming more and more widely used in Pakistan. Therefore, the citizens of Pakistan had to install a complete internet package to use TikTok, which is very expensive. But due to its high usage like Facebook, all the companies have launched a TikTok offer. Now you can use this app for only a few rupees by activating this offer.

Ufone still has only a weekly Tiktok offer, but over time, its monthly package, one-day package, and fifteen-day package may be introduced. So as soon as Ufone internet packages are updated, we will update here. If you want to activate the Ufone package online, you can go to the Ufone TikTok package and activate it online where you only have to load Rs. 75, and then you can enter your Ufone number This package will be activated.