Ufone Whatsapp Packages & Offers FREE 2GB


You can connect to your family and friends using Ufone’s free WhatsApp code without having to worry about balance. A variety of internet packages are available from Ufone, so you can pick the one that’s right for you. As well, Ufone’s internet package offers the benefit that you don’t have to worry about your balance because you can subscribe to it without balance by using the Ufone free WhatsApp code.

Ufone free WhatsApp code package details

Ufone Free WhatsApp2 GB Whatsapp Only01 MonthDial *987#Auto Expired

Ufone’s Free Whatsapp Package Terms And Conditions

  • As well as sending audio notes, messages, and pictures, you can record and upload recordings.
  • 2G, 3G, and 4G networks are compatible with the Free WhatsApp Offer.
  • Only prepaid subscribers are eligible for the offer.

Ufone also offers the following monthly, weekly, and daily internet packages that you might find interesting:

Tariffs for Internet service with Ufone

The chart below indicates the three most popular Ufone Internet monthly packages, where you can find information about data limit, duration, and subscription code.

SUPER INTERNET PLUS5GB WhatsApp + 8GB OtherRs.4991 MonthDial *290#
MONTHLY LIGHT2GB Social + 1GB OtherRs.3901 MonthDial *7807#
SOCIAL MONTHLY1GB SocialRs.601 MonthDial *5858#

Packages For Ufone Internet Each Week

Similar to the above, here are the five most popular Ufone Internet weekly packages, where you can learn about the data limit, duration, and subscription code.

WEEKLY INTERNET PLUS8GB (includes 4GB from 1 am to 8 am)Rs.1907 Days*260#
SUPER INTERNET1.5GBRs.1357 Days*220#
YOUTUBE OFFER5GB YouTube onlyRs.1007 Days*5883#
INTERNET MAX OFFER25GB (1 AM till 9 AM )Rs.707 Days*2570#
UFONE TIKTOK OFFER1.5GB Tiktok onlyRs.507 Days*2345#

Packages For Ufone Internet Daily

There are the seven most budget-friendly Ufone internet daily packages listed in the table above. It includes information about the data limit, the duration, and the subscription code.

DAILY HEAVY500MB Social + 40MB otherRs.181 Day*2258#
MEGA INTERNET2 GBRs.151 AM – 8 AM*550#
DAILY LIGHT500MB Social + 50MB otherRs.121 Day*2256#
STREAMING OFFER500MB YouTube onlyRs.101 Hour*78#
SPECIAL DAILY500MB WhatsApp + 10,000 SMSRs.61 AM – 9 PM*3461#
SOCIAL DAILY100MB socialRs.61 Day*4422#
DAILY CHAT500MB WhatApp + 10,000 SMSRs.61 Day*3465#

Furthermore, you can check the Ufone call package code.


Its Internet packages are among the most affordable in the country, and it even provides free WhatsApp. Here are three different types of packages based on your needs. Share your experiences in the comments section below if you like this information.


How to subscribe to Ufone free WhatsApp?

You can get 1 month of free WhatsApp by dialling *987#.

Is there any data limit on the free WhatsApp Package? 

There is a monthly limit of 2 GB.

How many internet packages are available for the Ufone network?

Packages are available monthly, weekly, and daily.