How to Unlock Jazz 4G Device (safely) – Use all SIMs


Unlock Jazz 4G Device has everyone’s problem who uses Jazz 4G Wingle. Many people want to Unlock Jazz 4G Wingle to use all network sims, but 70% of them do not have complete knowledge about it.

Jazz 4G is a huge Pakistani mobile network and is very popular because of its call packages. Along with Jazz’s call services, its internet service is also very good and now Jazz has also introduced Jazz 4G Wi-Fi device to run the internet on the computer. This is very easy to unlock Jazz Wingle and hotspot devices that are locked and people are unable to use Zong, Telenor, Warid, and Ufone SIM cards.

How to Unlock Jazz Evo 4G Wingle for all Network 100% free

In the last few months, I bought a Jazz 4G device from a friend who was worth about a thousand Pakistani rupees. I didn’t have the internet on my computer, so I bought it. When I brought it home and put my Jazz SIM in it, the problem I had was that this device only operated Jazz Internet SIM and no one else.

So I wanted to run another network SIM in it, especially Zong’s because its packages were very cheap. Now I started searching on the internet for how to unlock Jazz’s 4G device. I spent the whole day on this research, and I visited many websites and also watched many videos on YouTube. Finally, after a whole day, I succeeded in this thing. And I successfully unlocked my Jazz device. Now I can run the SIM of any network in it.

Now, after that, I thought why not tell everyone and provide Jazz 4G device unlocking software for free? To unlock the Jazz 4G device, you should complete its requirements, which are given below.

Requirements to Unlock Jazz 4G Device/Wingle

  • Have a Computer or a laptop
  • Ready Your Jazz 4G Wingle
  • Download all Files and Drivers
  • Should You Install Drivers in PC or Laptop?

Unlock Jazz 4G Device for all Versions

You can use this method on any Jazz 4G device or Wingle version. Keep in If You are installing firmware, then must match your version before installing.

1) Download and Install Jazz 4G Device Drivers and Software which are Given Below.

2) Now, Press the Reset Button, and while keep pressing Button Insert Jazz 4G Device into the PC/Laptop as you can see in the picture below. You will come to the Boot menu.

After connecting it to a PC or Laptop its Red light must start blinking. If Red Light doesn’t turn On then You not came to the Boot menu Retry this method again to come to the boot menu.

3) After Completing these Steps Now, Open Downloaded Software and Open “Wingle Flasher“. It will be open in CMD windows.

4) After 15 – 20 seconds Your Jazz 4G Device will automatically Unlock. Now You can insert any SIM card to Use the Internet with Fast speed.

Final Step:

We are not responsible if your device will be damaged by this method. So, Please Try at Your Own Risk. I have Successfully Unlocked My Jazz Wingle and I am Providing You with the same method I used. If You have any Problem with this You can ask in the comments.

Jazz 4G device unlock software free download

Unlock Jazz Cloud B21 and B22 by using the same process as I told You above and Unlock your device.

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