Prepaid Weekly Voice Call Packages in Pakistan for Mobile Networks

Jazz, Zong, Telenor, and Ufone
Jazz, Zong, Telenor, and Ufone

What are you looking for in prepaid voice call packages of Jazz, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor? If in these networks any one network you are using and you are looking for prepaid voice call offers for weekly then you came to the right place. Here are more than 100+ voice call plans for all Pakistani networks. I will show you here only some of the working and cheap call packages. You can select your network carrier and then choose the best package for you.

In Pakistan, there are 4 mobile phone networks that all have 3G and 4G. They all provide daily, weekly, and monthly voice call packages that you subscribe to, and can make calls on any network without paying any fee. Telecom companies also provide all-in-one plans that provide free calls, internet, and text messages.

Jazz Weekly Call Packages & Subscription Methods

Jazz is offering more than 5 call packages to make calls on Jazz and other networks. You can activate these packages to save your balance. The Jazz Super Duper weekly offer is providing 1500 Jazz to Jazz minutes. After activating this offer, customers can make calls on any Jazz number for a 7 days maximum of 1500 minutes.

This plan is also providing 50 other network minutes in which you can call at any Jazz, Zong, Ufone, PTCL, and Telenor number. The company will never charge the regular fee after activating this package. Jazz is giving to its customers 1500 SMS and 3 GB of internet data. These all resources are available for only prepaid customers. You can activate this package by dialing its subscription code *770#. The offer price is Rs.210 including tax.

2. Weekly Hybrid Offer

Jazz has launched a new offer called the weekly hybrid package. From this offer, customers can get free on-net (Jazz to Jazz) 1000 voice call minutes, 20 Off-net (Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Telenor & PTCL) voice call minutes, 1000 SMS (all networks), and 500 MB internet.

This offer price is Rs.115 including tax and customers can activate this plan by dialing its short code *407#. You can also check this package details that how many minutes, SMS, and the internet is remaining by dialing *407*2# and using the Jazzworld app.

3. Haftawar (All in One) Offer

In this offer, customers can get free Jazz to Jazz (On-net) 1000 Minutes for the call, 1000 free SMS, and Free 100 MB internet for 7 days. The offer price is Rs.85 including tax. Those users who have never need other network call minutes can activate this package and can save their money. This package is available on the Jazz world app. You can also check its remaining package details by using the same app.

For more information, customers can call at Jazz helpline number (111) and also can activate and check more package details from the Jazz world app.

Zong Weekly Voice Call Bundles

Zong is the second-largest network in Pakistan. This network is most famous and trusted due to its cheap packages and good courage. You can also compare Jazz Vs Zong call packages, internet packages, and MBB device packages. In the past, Zong starts an offer for new customers in which customers can make unlimited voice calls on any Zong number for a lifetime. This offer is available in Punjab only. Check the other latest call packages for weekly below.

1. Zong Unlimited Voice Call Package

This offer provides unlimited Zong to Zong minutes, in which customers can make unlimited calls anytime in a day for 7 days. This package is very cheap. Those people who use the Zong SIM, and they need only call minutes to make calls on Zong can enjoy this package and can call their friends and family Zong numbers. Here are the package details.

  • Package Name: Weekly Call
  • Price:  Rs.160 including Tax
  • On-net Minutes: 2000.
  • Off-net Minutes: 30
  • Messages: 2000
  • Subscription method:  *4141#
  • Remaining Check code: Dial *102*1#.
  • Validity: 7 Days

2. Hafawar Load Offer (All in One)

This offer provides all-in-one resources. By activating this package customers will get free On-net (Zong to Zong)  1000 voice call Minutes, 100 Off-net (all networks) Minutes, 1000 (all networks) SMS, and 3 GB Free Internet Data for 7 days. This package is available for only prepaid customers. To activate this package, dial *476#. A subscription charge of Rs.250 is applied.

Telenor Voice Call Weekly Offers & Details

Weekly ChaparPhaar offer is providing fee On-Net (Telenor to Telenor) Voice call 2000 Minutes and 70 MB + Social MB Free Internet for 7 days. Telenor prepaid customers can activate this package Dail Code *5*700# and by installing the Telenor App. It is currently not available for postpaid.

2. Telenor Haftawar Sahulat Package

Prepaid customers can get Telenor to Telenor 1000 voice call Minutes, 70 all networks voice call minutes (Off-Net Mins), 700 SMSes, and 100MBs internet with 350 MB Social Networks data. This package price is Rs.120 including tax and only prepaid customers can activate this package. Dial *5*7# for the offer subscription.

Ufone Prepaid Weekly Voice Call Packages

Ufone is the best network to make landline, international, and PTCL calls. It is the sub-company of PTCL. Ufone is a Pakistani telecom network that came on the 4th number by the 4G subscribers in Pakistan. Prepaid call packages are available for all Ufone and Uth customers who want to make unlimited PTCL & Ufone calls. Here are only a few weekly voices calls buckets for prepaid customers, in which users can call at any Ufone and PTCL number for 7 days.

1. Ufone Weekly Pakistan Bucket

Subscribe to this package to get the 700 minutes for PTCL and Ufone and 100 MB internet for 7 days. This package price is Rs.122 including tax and customers have to need to recharge Rs.100 PKR. Dial *8888# to subscribe to this package.

2. Asli Chappar Phaar Bucket

This package is providing 1000 Ufone to Ufone and PTCL voice call minutes, 100 SMSes, and 1000 Free MB internet data. All the prepaid Ufone customers can activate this package by dialing *5050#. After activating this package, customers can call any PTCL and Ufone number for 7 days. 100 Text messages can be sent to any network in Pakistan. To check the remaining Minutes and Internet dial *5050#. That Price is Rs.140 Only.

You can easily activate these packages after recharging the account. If you do not balance in your SIM and you have activated any call package on any network, then you will not able to call. All networks charge the call setup fees of 0.15 paisa/call. So, keep a minimum balance of Rs.10 in your account to continue using services.