Zong *2244# Call Package Details for Prepaid Customers


Zong has launched a newly prepaid all-in-one offer. In this offer, all customers who have an old Zong SIM, and have not used it for a long time can get 9000 minutes for calling on Zong numbers. This package is free and customers have never needed to pay any fees. Just dial *2244# on any reactive SIM and enjoy this free offer.

Sometimes we change the network SIM card and never use it for a long time. The company introduces offers for such types of people so that they start using their network again. If you have a Zong SIM, and it has not in use for a long time, then you can get this offer. Old customers have never needed to pay any charges, just reinsert Zong’s old SIM in their mobile phones and dial *2244#. After dialling this USSD customers will receive gifts on their SIM.

Zong *2244# Call Package Details for Prepaid Customers

In Pakistan, many people have inactive Zong SIMs. They buy a new SIM and after ending the free minutes, SMS, and internet they off the SIM card and use another. So, after a few months or time when Zong launches an old SIM offer then they use and insert SIM in their mobile phone and get free resources.

Zong is providing 9000 minutes for Zong to Zong for free. Only those people can get this offer who have never used a SIM card for 2 months. Insert the SIM and dial *2244# or send an SMS “FREE” send to 2244.

If customers do not get free call minutes and other resources, then they need to recharge the balance. Because of that, Zong’s balance is expired so, customers who want to avail of this package did not use it. You can recharge a balance of Rs.50 PKR from the Easypaisa or JazzCash account.

How to recharge Balance on JazzCash to Zong?

  1. Go to the JazzCash app and log in to your account
  2. Tap on Easyload or recharge
  3. Select the company, Zong
  4. Enter the Zong number starting from 031xxxxx
  5. Enter the amount minimum of Rs.50
  6. Tap on recharge and enter the MPIN
  7. You have successfully recharged your account

After recharge, the balance of customers can activate this offer for free. Now, after activating this package, customers will get daily free 100 minutes for 90 days / 3 months. These minutes are usable for only Zong networks. Exclude these minutes, customers also will get 3000 SMSes and 4000 MB internet for 30 days. This package is valid for only prepaid customers.

How to Check the Remaining Minutes, Text Messages, and Internet?

Customers have to need to pay Rs.0.25 including tax for each time package inquiry. Dial *102# and then select ‘1’ to check the remaining resources.

If you are not eligible for this package, then try again in a few days. You can use the received free minutes on only Zong numbers. Call setup charges on each call will be charged.