Zong Free Advance and Emergency SMS Code


Zong Emergency or advance SMS every time we need it. When we are in any trouble we always need a mobile balance to call or SMS to our family and friends. When our mobile does not have a balance, we have to take the balance from our existing SIM company. But even if we have an advanced balance on our own, there is nothing left for us to balance. So Zong provides us with emergency SMS that we can send on any SIM or any network.

Zong Emergency SMS Code

You can send free Call me SMS to anyone from your Zong SIM using this code. This is free and you can use it for any network. You can also subscribe to Zong SMS packages to send SMS to your loved ones, friends, and family. To get an SMS package dial *700# and select the package of your choice. Dial Zong emergency SMS Code *100 # or then 1 to get this offer. Zong provides us with a source of emergency SMS that we can get by dialing * 100 #. When you or any Zong user will dial *100#, there is a free SMS option which is 1 number. Whenever we reply with 1, it will ask us for the mobile number to which we have to send free SMS. You can send as many messages as you want.

Service NameUSSD CodePrice
Zong free SMS*100#Free
Due to inflation, the price of packages is also high

Now, this is the free SMS service that every Zong user should know. If you have a low balance or you have not got an emergency loan to Zong then you can get it by dialing *911#. You will get an emergency loan of Rs.25 PKR immediately in your mobile account. You will be charged Rs.3 PKR charges of this service which will be deducted when you will Recharge your account balance.

Terms & Conditions

  • User can send Free Call me SMS only
  • All prepaid customers have availed of this offer
  • This offer is available for free
  • All the Zong users can send emergency SMS to any network
  • If SMS did not send then your balance need to recharge
  • You can contact Zong for more info