Zong 3G & 4G Prepaid Data Packages – Prices & Activation Methods


Are you looking for Zong packages for your prepaid SIM card? I will share with you some popular and most important internet plans. You should know about these plans because these can come in handy anytime in the future. If you have a smart Android or iPhone then you will definitely need Zong internet packages details to use the internet.

About Zong 4G

Zong is the Pakistani 4G network which is on the second number by total numbers of 4G subscribers. It is a China mobile phone company and it has tested 5G in Pakistan. Zong 4G has a 4G LTE service which has 19 Million users in all Pakistan. So, it became the second-largest network in Pakistan by 4G subscribers. 

Here are some packages which are most usable. If you are a new user of Zong SIM & before it you did not use Zong then read this post carefully. Here I will show you the package’s prices and its resources for free.

Best & Most Popular Zong Internet Packages

First of all, I will provide you with the list of Zong prepaid daily internet packages. from daily packages, you can save your money by paying extra charges while using the internet. All those Zong SIM users who are searching about Zong hourly and daily internet bucket can activate the ‘DTO’ plan. 

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Daily Internet offers

There are three types of internet packages for 1 day. One of the most used internet packages is the Daily time offer which is called in short words “DTO Package”.

Zong DTO Package

This package is valid for 1 day but usable from 4 AM to 7 PM. Users are able to receive 1500MB of the internet with the DTO package. Its price is Rs.18 but due to taxes, you need to recharge Rs.23 PKR. To subscribe to this package simply dial *47# or send “DTO” to 6464.

Zong Daily Data Max Offer

Another package that does not have any time issue that is the Daily Data Max offer. the prepaid customers are able to get 500MB internet and 500MB for YouTube. The price of this package is Rs.49 PKR. The activation method of this package is simple, just dial *5# after recharge balance. The validity of this package is 1 Day till midnight.

Zong GNO (Good Night Offer)

The Night workers, who work at night or want to use the internet for nighttime can activate the Zong DNO package. Zong GNO package is usable daily from morning  1AM to same morning 9AM only. Customers can get 2.5GB of data for Rs.23 including all govt taxes. Send GNO to 6464 for this offer subscription or dial *6464#.

Zong 4G Latest Weekly Internet packages

Weekly packages are the best way to use the internet for freedom. Customers can use the internet for 7 days after subscribing to these packages. Here are some unlimited internet packages that are not announced by Zong but brought by some retailers. Zong is also providing us a code which we need to dial and then we can activate any type of internet package. Dial *6464# to subscribe to any daily, weekly, and monthly package.

Here I will describe only two packages that are most famous and most useful for prepaid users. Zong weekly Max offers to provide 30GB of mobile internet data that is valid for 7 days. All prepaid customers can get 30GB in only Rs.223 + tax. By dialing *6464# customers can activate this package.

Stay Safe & Stay Home Package

This package provides 1000 on-net voice call minutes (Zong to Zong) and 10GB of internet data for 7 days. Many users are looking for this package by searching “Zong 10GB weekly net package 100” but they did not find the package. By dialing *3434# customers can activate this package in recharge of Rs.100 PKR.

Mega Data Offer

With Zong mega data offer you can get 50GB data for 7 days at the lowest price of Rs.100 PKR recharge. By activating this package customers are able to use unlimited internet and unlimited streaming videos on youtube and other social networks. Dial *808# to activate this package.

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

Zong is offering multiple offers for 30 days. these packages are valid for all prepaid and data SIM users. If you have a data SIM and you want to use it on MBB and Zong 4G device then buy a new Zong data SIM. by getting new SIM customers can get 30GB of data for 30 days for free.

Super Monthly Plus Package

Those users who need a monthly internet package to use it for their work, office, and use social networks can activate this plan. It is available at the lowest price of Rs.550 load. Customers can get 20GB of internet for mobile phones by dialing USSD code *3#.

Monthly Whatsapp Package

This package is best for those users who use Whatsapp for making calls, sending messages, chatting, sharing videos, and group video calling. Those all customers who don’t want to activate the highest rates internet packages to use Whatsapp it is the best and cheap package. By doing a recharge of Rs.60 in Zong SIM customers can get 5GB of data for 30 days for WhatsApp. this package can be subscribed by dialing *247#.

Final Words:

I hope that you understand about this package details. If you need more internet packages you can check them by dialing *6464#. Also, Zong provides Zong internet plans on the My Zong app which is free and you can activate or deactivate any kind of service on it. Just you have to do that install this app and create an account. Now, manage your call and message history, control your account, activate and deactivate services.