Zong Monthly Whatsapp Package – 5000MB Data per Month

Zong whatsapp package

Zong Whatsapp package Monthly price is Rs.150 including Tax. It is the best mobile network in Pakistan and because of its fastest and best network courage, Zong is the top Network in Pakistan. It has many cheapest Internet packages such as Daily Internet package, DTO Packages and offers and many much more.

with Zong Whatsapp package monthly code *3998# you can get 5000 MB for Whatsapp. You can use WhatsApp for 30 days without any extra charges. WhatsApp is currently the most used in the world. Now you can sit in any corner of the world but you can look at each other and talk. People in Pakistan talk on WhatsApp to talk to their families because its package is very cheap.

Zong is trying in every way to provide good service to customers. Zong is the first network in Pakistan who collect 3G and 4G licenses together. You can activate this package on Zong SIM for only Rs. 50 per month and it is a very cheap offer.

How to Subscribe This offer

To Subscribe to Zong Whatsapp Package Dial *3998# and then press the 1. You will be subscribed to a Monthly Whatsapp Package for Rs.150. You can use this offer for 30 Days. If your Whatsapp Package Go End before the expiration then you can subscribe again after unsubscribing the Zong WhatsApp Package.

Package Details

PackageDataActivation CodePriceValidity
Zong Whatsapp Package5000 MB*3998#Rs.15030 Days

How to unsubscribe Zong monthly WhatsApp package?

To Unsubscribe Zong Monthly Whatsapp package Dial *247# and then press 2. You will be unsubscribed from the Whatsapp package. Write “UNSUB” in the message and send it to 6464.

How to Check Remaining MB on Zong SIM

To check the Remaining MB on Zong SIM Dial *102#. You can check Data, Minutes and SMS from this USSD Code. You can use My Zong App for more information.

How to activate WhatsApp on Zong monthly?

To activate Zong WhatsApp package monthly code dial *247#. It will be activated for Rs.150 for 30 days.

Is WhatsApp free on Zong?

No, you will need to subscribe monthly Whatsapp Zong Bundle. You will be charged Rs.50 PKR for the monthly Whatsapp package.

Can I Activate the Zong Whatsapp Package multiple times in a month?

Yes! You can subscribe Whatsapp package multiple times in one month. for this, you need to unsubscribe from the current Whatsapp package.