2 Best Prepaid SIM Cards in Qatar in 2024 For Tourists

Best Prepaid SIM Card in Qatar
Best Prepaid SIM Card in Qatar

Are you Visiting Qatar in 2024? If yes, then this post can be helpful for you. Because I have full details about the best prepaid SIM cards in Qatar for tourists and travellers. After the United Arab Emirates, Qatar is also a very popular and beautiful country. Millions of people come here for work and pleasure. When I visited Qatar after a long time, I got a good knowledge of the lifestyle, the love of the people, and also the laws and most of all, the prepaid SIM card.

Because as soon as we enter Qatar, we have to inform our loved ones and relatives and we need a SIM to communicate with anyone, so it becomes mandatory to buy a SIM. A first-time visitor gets very confused about which prepaid SIM card will be good for Qatar. Networks that provide international calls are widely used and I will introduce you to some such networks.

There are only two popular mobile networks in Qatar that are providing prepaid and postpaid connections. I will give you complete information about these two network offers, internet offers, call offers, and visitor sim cards. Before this, I visit KSA Saudi Arabia and explained everything on this blog. Many people like this and this post help many visitors to choose the best prepaid SIM card.

2 Best SIM Cards in Qatar for Travellers in 2024

List of Mobile phone operators in Qatar:

  1. Vodafone
  2. Ooredoo

Both networks are the best but their prices are different. Tourists have to need international call packages and offers so, both networks are offering such types of offers. If you are looking for the best prepaid SIM cards in Qatar then you may know that my favourite SIM card is Vodafone.

A prepaid SIM card is the best choice for those people who are coming to Qatar for a short time like for 7 days to 28 days or less. Since prepaid SIM cards do not have to pay monthly fees, it is a great choice. You can buy as much data, calls and messages as you need.

If you want to use your home country’s SIM card, that is also a good option. With roaming plans, you can use your old SIM and network in the same country and also use unlimited internet. But do you know whether you will get good internet speed on this network or not?

Before going to Qatar, if you have activated the roaming plans on your SIM, then you will definitely receive calls and messages, but there may be some problems with the internet. Internet is a very important thing that you may need to Uber, it is also needed to use Google Maps to get to a place. If your internet will also not work properly then you may face a lot of problems. So, you have to need to check that is your roaming service working correctly or not.

You can buy Vodafone and Ooredoo SIM cards at the lowest rates but for this, you will need a Passport. Now we will provide you with the internet, calls and international calling plans and details of Vodafone Qatar and Ooredoo Qatar here. Just compare each plan with other networks and find a good SIM card.


Vodafone Qatar

Vodafone is a multinational telecommunication network and is also available in Qatar. This network is providing prepaid, postpaid, eSim cards, 4G & 5G, and WIFI for homes and offices in all countries.

Vodafone is the best 5G telecom network for you because this is offering prepaid services. You can easily get an eSIM card online from anywhere in just a few minutes and can use its all services in Qatar. eSIM is designed to use prepaid SIM without any physical insertion of a chip in a mobile phone.

Prepaid Vodafone is the best option as the cheapest SIM card and low-cost calling. Its new packages are starting from QR60 which are offering unlimited internet and free calling minutes.

You can choose any prepaid offer by your requirements. The combo 60 plan is the best plan for tourists who come to Qatar for 30 days or less. A new prepaid SIM card cost about $17 in Qatar with a monthly offer.

This SIM card is including with 8GB 5G fastest internet, 240 Local calling minutes, and unlimited internet under 250kbps for 30 days. You will never get international calls with this plan but if you recharge your balance then you can make calls to your home country at its default calling rates by country.

The company is providing special travel SIM cards for tourists at the lowest prices and some are free. You can continue buying a free SIM card in Qatar and can use the internet for free. Here are the Vodafone tourist SIM card deals and offers.

Vodafone Qatar Prepaid Packages & Offers:

Free Data & Voice SIM

  • No Any Cost
  • Unlimited Free Data
  • Free calling minutes
  • Free SIM Card

$20 UL Data & Calls

  • 22GB 5G Data + 3Mbps Unlimited
  • 3000 Local Minutes & SMS
  • 100 International Minutes
  • 22GB GCC Roaming
  • QR 1000 “MyBook” Vouchers
  • FREE Delivery

$40 UL Data & Calls

  • 50GB 5G Data + 3Mbps Unlimited
  • 3000 Local Minutes & SMS
  • 100 International Minutes
  • 22GB GCC Roaming
  • QR 1000 “MyBook” Vouchers
  • FREE Delivery

Vodafone is offering many other offers including international calling minutes. You can get a free SIM card when you will choose a plan for activation with a SIM card. Here are some other offers which are providing unlimited calls, internet and international calls. Just compare the plans with other offers and select the best SIM and package that completes your needs.

Combo 60

  • 240 Local Calls Minutes
  • 8GB Data
  • 30 Days Validity
  • QR 60

Combo 100

  • 200 Calls Minutes
  • 6GB (5G Data)
  • Unlimited Internet @256kbps
  • 30 Days Validity
  • QR 100

Flex 100

  • 1000 Flex Calls Minutes
  • 2.2GB (5G Data) – for 8 Days
  • Unlimited Internet @256kbps
  • 30 Days Validity
  • QR 100


  • Unlimited Local Minutes
  • Unlimited Data
  • 100 International Minutes
  • 30 Days Validity
  • QR 300

International calling minutes are valid for only these countries.

If you are subscribing to the GCC roaming offer it will be applicable for these counties only. International calls are supported to France, England, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands, Kuwait, Pakistan, the United States of America and more countries.

  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates

You can call the helpline number 111 from your Vodafone SIM card for any type of offer activation and deactivation. You can buy Vodafone prepaid SIM card from Qatar airport or any nearest franchise and retailer. I am providing you with the list of Vodafone Qatar service centres numbers and offices where you can buy SIM cards easily. You will need only your passport to buy a SIM card.

Vodafone Qatar Service Center in Doha

  • Address: ISHOP NO 82, Building No 22, Zone 5, Street 810, SOUQ AL NAJADA BUILDING – DOHA
  • Contact Numbers: 77866584 / 70592165
  • Email: info@syquez.com
  • Google Map Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/jyZ4vweHbVMSvRwP7

Doha Service Center:


Ooredoo Qatar

Ooredoo Qatar is a multinational telecommunication network in Qatar founded in 1987. This network is providing mobile, wireless and prepaid or postpaid services in the whole country.

You can get an Ooredoo free prepaid Hayya SIM card in Qatar from the airport and can get free 2GB internet, 2022 local SMS, and 2022 local calling minutes for 3 days. Ooredoo Hayya is a prepaid SIM card package offered by Ooredoo Qatar that is specifically tailored for tourists visiting the country. The package offers a combination of voice, SMS and mobile data services with a validity period of 3 days to 30 days from the date of activation.

You can use received internet data to use social apps, YouTube, Watch videos and visit any website. There are multi types of packages that are offered by the Ooredoo network. You can also buy a prepaid eSIM card in just a few minutes by going to the Ooredoo office or authorized sellers in Qatar or signing up online. To use the Ooredoo SIM card in your mobile phone, your phone should be unlocked to use all network SIM cards in it. Those people who come to Qatar for FIFA Worldcup and want to get this SIM card for free can order it online and can receive it at their doorstep without any delivery fees.

Ooredoo Hayya SIM card is just for those visitors who are coming to Qatar for FIFA Worldcup and have a valid Hayya ID. The residents of Qatar are not eligible to get this SIM card.

You can also buy a prepaid SIM card and can recharge the balance as so much as you need. Ooredoo Qatar is offering double data to all customers who can get double internet data by dialling *123#. Before recharge and package activation, dial *123# and activate any data package. Customers will get double internet data which will be usable within 24 hours after activation. Prepaid customers also can use the Ooredoo app to use this service.

Ooredoo Prepaid Packages

  • Calls: 30 Flex minutes
  • Internet: 100MB Data
  • Price: QR 5
  • Validity: Daily

3 Days Package

  • Calls: 70 Flex minutes
  • Internet: 250MB
  • Validity: 3 Days
  • Price: QR 10

7 Days Package

  • Calls: 150 Flex minutes
  • Internet: 550MB
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Price: QR 20

14 Days Package

  • Calls: 225 Flex minutes
  • Internet: 750MB
  • Validity: 14 Days
  • Price: QR 30

Monthly Plan

  • Calls: 500 Flex minutes
  • Internet: 2GB
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Price: QR 60

You can buy any given package on your prepaid SIM card by dialling its activation code. To check the remaining balance on your SIM card dial *129*3#. You can also unsubscribe to any Flexi minutes call package by Sending SMS STOP ‘F’ to 121.

Ooredoo Qatar Visitor Plan

You can activate any tourist plan which is given below and can call your home country without extra or high charges. Tourist SIM card line is valid for only one month. Customers can call at Ooredoo helpline number 111 to activate and deactivate any package.

Int MintsLocal MintsDataPriceCreditValidity
15 Minutes25 Minutes2GB$9.677 Days
75 Minutes400 Minutes20GB + Unlimited @ 128Kbps$42.8QR 3030 Days

Which are the Best Prepaid SIM cards in Qatar?

I have bought SIMs from both companies and I like the Vodafone prepaid SIM the most. If you want to make international calls, you can also take Ooredoo with you. Ooredoo offers absolutely free SIM cards which users get free internet, local calls and messages. But to make international calls you have to recharge the balance in the SIM.

Both networks provide an e-SIM card facility but for this, you must check your mobile phone whether supports it or not. Now you have to decide which network is best to meet your needs. SIM cards in Qatar are not much costly. You can get any SIM card in Qatar for under $10 only. If you want to use international SIM cards in Qatar then those SIMs will never perform best like internet speed and calling cost. You can comment below and tell us which are the best prepaid SIM cards in Qatar that you use while traveling in Qatar.