Zain Internet Packages 2024 – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Zain internet packages

Zain is the best telecom network in Saudi Arabia, offering prepaid, postpaid, mobile phones, and broadband services in all areas. Here we are going to share with you all Zain internet packages for the validity of Daily, Weekly, monthly, and many others. You can compare the Zain data offers and find the best package or plan according to your needs.

As Zain offers mobile phone services, it is also offering internet for homes, offices, and businesses. You can also get a plan for your home, including calls and text messages for different validity periods. Here are all types of internet offers, like Zain prepaid internet, Postpaid internet, data SIM plans, etc. Just select your package type and start browsing internet packages to find the best plan.

Zain Prepaid Internet Packages

Zain Prepaid internet packages start at SAR 5, which provides 50 MB of high-speed internet data per day. This package can be used only on Zain prepaid SIM cards by dialling *101# or using the Zain app. Here are the latest internet package tables that you can compare and select the best Zain prepaid internet offer for you!

When customers subscribe to a 5G internet data plan, it comes with free YouTube data, which allows subscribers to use YouTube for free throughout the package.

5G DataYoutubeValidityActivationPrice
25 GB25 GB1 Month408SAR 113.85
250 MBDaily402SAR 5
1 GBWeekly404SAR 15
30 GB30 GB3 Month409SAR 201.25
300 GB300 GB3 Month414SAR 517.5
150 GB150 GB3 Month422SAR 458.85
UnlimitedUnlimited1 Month416SAR 373.75
100 GB1 Month411SAR 184
100 GB100 GB3 Month421SAR 343.85
Unlimited 5GUnlimited 5G3 Month417SAR 1148.85
75 MB75 MB2 Month410SAR 228.85
50 GB1 MonthSAR 113.85
100 GB1 MonthSAR 184
  • Subscribe: Send the Activation code to 959 or use the Zain app
  • Check data balance: Send BC to 2700212
  • Eligibility: Zain’s new and exciting prepaid customers can use this offer
  • These packages are valid for only prepaid customers

Zain Hourly Internet packages

All Zain customers who want to use the Internet in Saudi Arabia for a short period can use these plans to cover their expenses as well as their needs. Zain also offers 1 hour, 2 hour and 3 hour internet packages and offers to its prepaid customers. Users can activate the internet package at any time according to their requirements and complete it as per their requirements. These packages can be used anywhere in Saudi Arabia.

50 MB1 HourD50CA50M2.3 SAR

Customers can use the hourly internet packages of Zain for a limited time only. After expiring the time package or using the data without data, the Zain Basic internet rate will be applied according to the user tariff.

  • Subscribe:
    • Send the Activation code to 959 or use the Zain app
  • Check data balance:
    • Send BC to 2700212
  • Eligibility:
    • Zain’s new and exciting prepaid customers can use this offer
    • These packages are valid for only prepaid customers

Zain Prepaid Weekly Internet Packages

Zain weekly internet packages offer users the fastest internet of 50MB in just 13.8 SAR. Zain users who are visiting abroad or going on a trip, excursion or vacation for a week can stay connected to the Internet by using these packages. Zain provides a good service as well as good coverage in Saudi Arabia so that you can enjoy the internet in any corner of Saudi Arabia.

50 MB1 WeekD500CA50013.8 SAR
  • Subscribe:
    • Send the activation code to 959 or use the Zain app
  • Check data balance:
    • Send BC to 2700212

Zain Prepaid Monthly Internet Packages

By activating Zain’s monthly internet packages you can get cheap internet along with your time. Some of Zain’s monthly internet packages are also designed to provide Social media packages in Saudi Arabia. By using these packages you can get peace of mind for a whole month. Here we have provided you with a list of all Zain monthly internet packages including social packages that you can choose by the prices, and data according to your needs.

325Unlimited1 Month4165G
450300 GB3 Month4145G
160100 GB1 Month4115G
299100 GB100 GB3 Month4215G
19975 GB75 GB2 Month4105G
17530 GB30 GB3 Month4095G
9925 GB25 GB1 Month4085G

All these packages are 5G supported without any data limitation or slow speed. Just send the package activation code to 959 after recharging the required amount in your SIM card.

  • Subscribe: Send the activation code to 959 or use the Zain app
  • Check data balance: Send BC to 2700212

Zain Combo Internet Plans

Zain combo plans come with huge benefits like you can get free calls and social and local data. These plans are valid for Zain prepaid customers which can be subscribed to by sending the activation code to 959. Those customers who want to get the Zain unlimited package can subscribe to the Zain Combo 95GB data pack that offers unlimited local calls, unlimited social media and 95GB fastest 5G internet data for only 113.85 SAR.

5G DataSocial DataCallsPriceActivation
95 GBUnlimitedUnlimited callsSAR 113.85S199
15 GB20 GB1500 MinutesSAR 228.85S99
30 GBUnlimited3000 MinutesSAR 171.35S149
50 GBUnlimitedUnlimited callsSAR 205.85S179
5 GB5 GB400 MinutesSAR 67.85S59
  • Subscribe: Send the activation code to 959 or use the Zain app
  • Check data balance: Send BC to 959

Zain’s cheapest monthly internet package provides 400 local calling minutes, 5GB social data and 5GB local data which can be used on 5G. This package costs SAR 67.85 per month which can be subscribed to by sending S59 to 959.

Zain Social Packages

With Zain social packages, customers can stay connected with their friends, family and loved ones. Zain has offered daily, weekly and monthly social offers in which users can enjoy free social networks like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat and TikTok.

Here is the list of Zain social internet offers;

Unlimited311CA31120 SAR7 Days
Unlimited+Youtube313CA31335 SAR7 Days
Unlimited312CA31260 SAR4 Weeks
Unliites310CA3105 SAR1 Day
  • To activate Zain’s daily social package send 310 to 959
  • Subscribe to the Unlimited social weekly bundle and send 311 to 959
  • YouTube+Unlimited Social: Send 313 to 959
  • Monthly Unlimited Social package: Send 312 to 959

Zain Unlimited Internet Packages

SAR 12.65Unlimited1 DaySend DUL to 959DDUL
SAR 20.70Unlimited Data & Local Calls1 DaySend AUL to 959DAUL
SAR 97.75Unlimited@5G7 DaysSend 420 to 9594202
SAR 373.75Unlimited@5G1 MonthSend 416 to 9594162
SAR 1148.85Unlimited@5G3 MonthsSend 417 to 9594172
  • Cancel offer: Send cancel code to 959
  • Local calls are valid to call within the country only
  • 7 Days, Monthly and 3 months plans are usable on 5G

Zain Postpaid Internet Packages & Offers

If you are a Zain postpaid customer then you can check out these internet plans. These all plans and offers are valid for only Zain postpaid SIM card users. Zain postpaid plans help users save time by recharging the SIM card every time before activation of the package. Keep in mind that some of the Zain postpaid packages are available on 12 months, 24 months or 6 months contracts.

113.85 SAR50 GB@5G1 Month
149 SAR50 GB@5G50 GB@5G1 Month
184 SAR100 GB@5G1 Month

Social Data: Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok

  • Postpaid Helpline: Call 959 OR 0590000595
  • Balance Check: Send BC to 959
  • Data Check Code: Dial *405# or text “BC” to 959

Zain Tourist SIM Card Plan & Data Offers

If you have come to Saudi Arabia for Entertainment and you have selected Zain SIM then you can activate any of the below-mentioned packages. These packages will provide you with internet access everywhere in Saudi Arabia. Zain offers different packages for travellers that offer cheap and free calls as well as free recharge.

DataSocial MediaFlex MinutesValidityPriceActivation
15 GB3 Weeks57.5 SAR5050
10 GB50 GB150 Min4 Weeks80.5 SAR7070
3 GB1 GB50 Min3 Weeks34.5 SAR3030
25 GBUnlimited350 Min4 Weeks149.51300

If someone comes to Saudi Arabia for Hajj or Umrah or for sightseeing, he/she needs a SIM card. For the visitor to have more trouble selecting the SIM card, we have presented here the complete SIM price, package, internet, calls and more information. If you only want internet then you can select 3 weeks package and get 15 GB of internet. The price of this package is 57.5 SAR and you can buy this SIM card at any airport.

  • You must have your original passport with you to purchase a SIM card
  • Most prepaid SIM cards are valid for a month which can be extended by recharging.
  • The call minutes received by the customer can be used for calls anywhere in the country.

Data SIM Packages

Zain data SIM packages can be used in only provided 4G Wingle or WIFI devices. You can connect your mobile phones, laptops and other devices to the Zain WIFI and can use the fastest 4G and 5G internet. It has a different type of package starting from SAR 30 but has limited internet data (mini packages).

  • Check Data SIM balance: *142#
  • Helpline for Data SIM users: *273#

Roaming Internet packages

SAR 79.35UnlimitedUnlimitedGCC012 Hours
SAR 217.35UnlimitedUnlimitedGCC33 Days
SAR 343.85UnlimitedUnlimitedGCC77 Days

Those people who are on travel or going abroad can use the Zain roaming services to make calls and use the internet. Its roaming services help users to avoid changing their SIM cards and changing their mobile numbers. You can use Zain roaming internet packages to use the internet in other countries. Here is the list of all roaming packages and data offers including calling services.

  • To activate the roaming plan send a subscription code to 959
  • Deactivate: Send CGCC to 959
  • Check Balance: Send RBC to 959
  • After 2GB internet speed will reduced to 512kbps

To use a Zain SIM in another country, you must first activate its roaming service. If you have a postpaid SIM card, you can activate roaming services by calling Zain’s helpline or visiting the office before going abroad.

Prepaid SIM cards Zain have roaming services enabled which you can turn on by going to your mobile phone settings. Note that if you use the internet or call without activating the roaming package, you will have to pay charges at Zain default rates which can be quite expensive.


There are many other networks in Saudi Arabia, and Zain is the best mobile phone operator, offering all types of offers to its new and exciting customers. Zain has the fastest 4G internet in Saudi Arabia, which can help its users work or entertain without any lag or slowing down the internet. Here are all Zain internet packages and offers available, including price, Tax, and bandwidth.

Zain is a Saudi Arabia-based telecom company that provides users with calls, messages, internet, Wi-Fi and other services like roaming etc. If you are new to Saudi Arabia or using this SIM card for the first time, then with Zain Internet package and offer you can find a good, cheap and best package for you according to your needs. This is not the official website of Zain and the prices given here may be slightly different. You must check the Zain app or call centre 959 before activating any package.


What types of internet packages does Zain offer?

Zain offers a variety of internet packages, including prepaid and postpaid options. They have plans for both mobile and home internet users.

How can I check my current internet package or data balance?

You can dial *405# and follow the instructions to check your current internet package or data balance.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my current internet package?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade current internet packages using the Zain app or call the Zain helpline.

What happens if I exceed my data limit?

If you exceed your data limit, Zain typically charges additional fees for the extra data used.

Can I use my Zain internet package while travelling abroad?

Zain offers international roaming packages whose price starts from SAR 79.35 to SAR 343.86. The activation method is given above in the Roaming section.

How do I cancel my Zain internet package?

Use the Zain app, visit Zain store or call the helpline from your phone.