Etisalat Prepaid Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly


Etisalat is a leading telecom network in the UAE, offering affordable and reliable prepaid, postpaid, and broadband internet services in the whole country. Whether you want to stay connected with your loved ones, stream movies, or work from home, this is the best provider for accessing the Internet.

Etisalat provides prepaid internet packages such as daily, weekly, and monthly subscriptions. We are going to provide you with all the latest internet packages and offers which you can filter and can find the best plan for you.

Daily Internet Packages

People who want to use the internet for a short period of time can activate these packages and save money. Etisalat has introduced daily, hourly, 3 hours packages for its customers, the details of which are given here.

3 Hours packageUnlimited DataAED 3
Hourly packageUnlimited DataAED 6

How to subscribe and manage?

  • To activate the hourly package, dial *800*5# from your phone
  • You can manage your data by dialing *800*5# or using the Etisalat app
  • Internet speed will be up to 3Mbps

Prepaid Daily Internet Packages

150MBAED 424 Hours
60MBAED 224 Hours
200MB (Social)AED 324 Hours
300MB (Social)AED 424 Hours
250MBAED 1024 Hours
100MBAED 524 Hours
120MBAED 224 Hours
  • With social plans, you can use Facebook, Messenger, LinkedIn, WeChat, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, BOTIM*, and C’Me.
  • You cannot make video calls on these apps; to do this you have to subscribe to internet calling plans on your SIM card.
  • Daily packages are valid for 24 hours of subscription which can be auto renewed.
  • Dial *101# to activate the package

Weekly Data Packages

300MBAED 20
500 MBAED 35
2.1 GB75MBAED 42
4.2 GB150MBAED 42
4.2GB150MBAED 63
7GB250MBAED 63
7GB250MBAED 90
14GB500MBAED 130
28GB1000MBAED 200
50GBUnlimitedAED 999
  • To activate any package dial *101#
  • Customers can activate a weekly 300MB internet package by sending W300M’ to 1010

Those customers who want to get an all-in-one package with free calling minutes, SMS, and internet can activate the Piaono package. With this package, customers will get 250 text messages, 20 international calling minutes to the Philippines, 210 Barkada minutes, and 20 minutes for Etisalat. These 20 minutes can be used to call on any Etisalat SIM or number. To activate this package send “pinoy” to 1010 after recharge of AED 20.

Etisalat Monthly Data Packages

In Etisalat prepaid sim card, there are many internet packages and offers that are available by user tariff of the plan. We are providing you with all types of packages here. If you are a Wasel customer then you can get Wasel prepaid data packages easily by using our given method.

Keep in mind that Wasel is a prepaid SIM card plan which has multiple types of packages and offers. With these offers, customers can get free Flexi calling minutes and internet. First of all, we will provide you with prepaid internet monthly offers which can be subscribed to any Etisalat prepaid SIM.

Users can compare the minutes, internet, and price available to select any good package. If one of these good packages is liked, it can be activated easily by following the given procedure. The internet data limit given in Etisalat Kamahana internet packages is fixed on a daily basis. As if the user gets 7GB from the monthly package then he will be allowed to use only 250 MB of internet per day. You can see the monthly offers of more packages in this table.

300MBAED 20.00
500 MBAED 35
2.1 GB75MBAED 14.28
4.2 GB150MBAED 42
4.2 GB150MBAED 63
7 GB250MBAED 63
7 GB250MBAED 90
14 GB500MBAED 130
28 GB1000MBAED 200
50 GBUnlimitedAED 999

Prepaid Data ADD-ONE Plans

The add-on can be used and activated while the internet is down before the customer package expires. This allows users to use the internet more in their given time and fulfill their needs. There are a lot of add-ons in terms of SIM plans that are being provided here for you. From these add-ons, you can get free calling minutes and internet data.

150MB/Day SocialAED 40.0028 Days
150MB/DayAED 47.6228 Days
250MB/DayAED 85.7128 Days
250MB+250MB Social/DayAED 30.0030 Days
500MBAED 30.0028 Days
500MB/DayAED 123.8028 Days
1GBAED 50.0028 Days
1GB SocialAED 49.0028 Days
1GB+1GB SocialAED 100.0030 Days
2GBAED 80.0030 Days
3GB+2GB SocialAED 150.0028 Days
3GBAED 100.0028 Days
5GB+3GB SocialAED 200.0030 Days
6GBAED 150.0028 Days
7GB+4GB SocialAED 250.0030 Days
10GBAED 200.0028 Days
10GB+5GB SocialAED 300.0030 Days
20GBAED 300.0028 Days
20GB+10GB SocialAED 450.0030 Days
25GB+15GB SocialAED 500.0030 Days
30GB (1GB/Day)AED 49.0030 Days
50GBAED 600.0028 Days
  • To activate any Add-On, use the Etisalat app and tap on Offers > Add-On
  • Dial *101# and select any given package or addon to activate
  • These Add-Ons are valid for only prepaid customers only

New Control-Line Prepaid Data Packages Add-On

There are too many add-on offers for Etisalat prepaid control-line users which are given here. If you are using control-line internet packages then you can easily activate these add-ons after ending the data of the activated plan.

1GB+1GB SocialAED 100.00Monthly
1GB Local DataAED 52.38Monthly
10GB DataAED 100.00Daily
25GB+15GBAED 500.00Monthly
20GB+10GB SocialAED 450.00Monthly
10GB+5GB SocialAED 300.00Monthly
7GB+4GB SocialAED 250.00Monthly
5GB+3GBAED 200.00Monthly
3GB+2GB SocialAED 150.00Monthly
500MBAED 35.00Monthly
300MBAED 20.00Monthly
500MB DailyAED 20.00Monthly
1GB WeeklyAED 50.00Monthly
250MB DailyAED 10.00Monthly

Etisalat users can easily activate any of the given packages by dialing *101# or using the Etisalat app. You can also use an Etisalat tourist SIM card and can get unlimited calls to all of UAE. For more information, you can visit the Etisalat UAE website and can get the latest prices and offers.

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