Lycamobile $23 Plan Prepaid SIM Card includes 3 months of Service

Lycamobile $23 Plan Prepaid SIM Card include 3 months of Service 

Most travelers use this SIM card because this is cheap and second is that it is valid for 3 months. Customers can buy this SIM card online from any Lycamobile store or by ordering this online on Amazon or others stores. Here I am providing you with the full details of the Lycamobile $23 Plan Prepaid SIM Card including 3 months of Service that you will get with this SIM card.

CallsUnlimited Calls Lycamobile numbers
TextUnlimited Texts
How to SubscribeDial 622

Lycamobile prepaid SIM card is compatible with any 4G and 5G unlocked mobile phone and T-Mobile phones. With its prepaid SIM card, customers can call unlimited on all Lycamobile numbers in the U.S. You can buy this SIM card from any Lycamobile Authorized Dealer and can activate it by dialing 622. Here is what you will get with a prepaid SIM card.

Lycamobile $23 Plan Prepaid SIM Card includes 3 months of Service 

  • The cost of this SIM card is $23 per month
  • Unlimited Talk and Text to 75+ Countries
  • Free calls to Lycamobile numbers worldwide
  • Free Text messages
  • 1GB data on 4G after this unlimited data use at regular speed

This prepaid SIM card is the best for those who want to talk with their friends and family abroad. We have checked the complete information about this SIMc ard and checked that the company is providing a Maximum of 3GB of monthly internet data which does not meet the policy of the company.

According to the SIM card providing network Lycamobile, customers can use 1GB of data on LTE and after unlimited internet at regular speed. However, this SIM card can be used for calls and messages which makes it a great performer. If you are going to the United States, you can buy this SIM card and can use this in your network-unlocked mobile or any T-Mobile phone.