6 Best SIM Cards in Saudi Arabia (KSA) for Tourists

Top 6 tourist sim cards in Saudi Arabia
Top 6 tourist sim cards in Saudi Arabia

After a long time, I visit Saudi Arabia on a trip and was puzzled that which SIM card is the best for me. Selecting a SIM card while travelling abroad is a difficult task because we do not have much knowledge about this country. So, after spending a good time in Saudi Arabia, I got the best tourist SIM card that helps me to make calls on international numbers like in my home country and also nationally.

It is very important to know about prepaid cards in Saudi Arabia for those people who are going on a trip or for Hajj and UMRAH. We will explain all tourist SIM card data packages, call packages, international call packages, and SIM card prices here. So, read this post fully to be informed.

List of Best Tourist SIM Cards in Saudi Arabia

There are 6 mobile phone networks in Saudi Arabia. One of the most popular networks is Zain and the second most famous network is STC. Both networks are providing prepaid and postpaid services to their customers and also are offering tourist SIM cards. Zain has more than 52 million customers and STC has 20 million users as of 2022. By comparison of users, Zain is the No.1 network in Saudi Arabia.

On the third number, Mobily is the most used network which has up to 6 million mobile customers as of Wikipedia. Jawwy is a sub-brand of STC, and Lebara and Virgin are also the smallest networks in Saudi Arabia. We will compare each network to get the best tourist SIM card.


Zain KSA SIM Card

Zain is the best and most famous network in Saudi Arabia. It’s a 5G mobile phone network which is providing each type of call package, internet package, and SMS package to prepaid and postpaid customers.

Zain’s packages are very standard and provide plans to suit every type of person. If a customer buys a new SIM card, he gets so many packages in SIM that he can easily find and activate the package as per his requirement.

There are some separate packages designed for people coming from abroad which come with internet, calls, and SMS packages. After purchasing a new Visitor SIM card, the customer gets all kinds of convenience to avoid the hassle of activating packages. Here are the Tourist SIM cards packages for Zain visitor line users.

Visitor 30
50 Flexi minutes
1GB Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat
3GB Data
How to Subscribe?
Send 3030 to 959
2 Weeks / 34.5 SAR
Visitor 70
150 Flexi minutes
5GB Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat
10GB Data
How to Subscribe?
Send 7070 to 959
4 Weeks / 80.5 SAR
Visitor 50

15GB Data*
How to Subscribe?
Send 5050 to 959
2 Weeks / 57.5 SAR
Visitor 130
350 Flexi minutes
Unlimited Facebook, Whatsapp, and Snapchat
25GB Data
How to Subscribe?
Send 1300 to 959
149.5 SAR / 4 Weeks

Zain Visitor 30 Plan:

Flexi minutes are usable only in selected countries and networks. Zain customers can get 50 Flexi calling minutes, 1 GB for Facebook, Whatsapp, and Snapchat, and 3GB mobile data for 2 weeks in just 34.5 SAR. The SIM card is available at all airports in Saudi Arabia. To get this offer go to the messages and send 3030 on 959.

Zain Visitor 50 Line Only Data Offer:

If you need only an internet data SIM card in KSA then the visitor 50 line is the best because it is the cheapest and has more data plans. By activating this package, customers will get 15GB of mobile data that is also usable on 5G. To activate this package, you may need a 57.5 SAR balance on your SIM card. Send 5050 to 959 to get the 15GB of internet data on Zain KSA.

Zain Visitor 70 Package:

Zain Visitor 70 package is including 150 Flexi minutes, 5GB data for Facebook, Whatsapp, and Snapchat apps, and 10GB mobile internet data. This package is valid for 4 weeks and costs 80.5 SAR. To get this special tourist plan, send 7070 to 959. If you will enough balance on your SIM card, this package will be activated immediately.

Zain Visitor 130 Offer:

This offer is the best for business purposes ad unlimited usage of social networks. It is a costly package but has many great features. By activating the Visitor 130 package, customers will get 350 Flexi minutes, 25GB of data, and unlimited social data on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Snapchat. To activate this offer, send 1300 to 959. The customer must have at least 149.5 SAR credit on his/her SIM card.

Zain Hajj & Umrah SIM Card

Those people who are coming to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umrah can get this package at 34.5 SAR. With this package and SIM card, customers can call any network in KSA at the lowest rate of 0.55 SAR per minute. If the customers buy a new SIM card they will get 2GB mobile data and free zain calls for 1 day if they will recharge 20 SAR.


  • 0.55 SAR per minute for local calls
  • 0.55 SAR per MB
  • 0.55 SAR per international SMS
  • Local SMS Rate is 0.55 SAR

USSD Codes for Zain KSA SIM

Here are some shortcodes of Zain SIM KSA which will help you to check the balance, activate the package, and stop the services.

  • To stop any active service from renewal send “CA” activation code”, ex. CA7070
  • To deactivate any package, send “C activation code”, ex. C7070
  • Zain KSA helpline number is 959
  • To check the internet balance on the Zain KSA SIM card dial *142#
  • To check the credit or balance send BC to 959 or use the app

Eligible Countries for International Calls

EgyptUnited Arab Emirates



STC is the second largest network in Saudi Arabia which is providing prepaid, postpaid, and broadband connections in all countries. If you are a traveller then you will just need a prepaid SIM card that provides you with free calls and SMS.

If you are here for business and the duration of your stay is one month or more, you can select a postpaid SIM card. This can save both your time and package activation duration.

STC is a very popular SIM card that is preferred by millions of people. Due to excellent internet speed and good coverage, it is used in every corner of Saudi Arabia. When you enter Saudi Arabia, you will get the SIM of this company at the airport itself, but you must know about it first.

STC has launched SAWA Vistors plans for tourists who come to Saudi Arabia for HAJJ, UMRAJ, Business, and Trip. Sawa SIM cards provide local and international free calling minutes and free internet. Here are the tourist’s SIM card details with price and package.

Sawa Visitor 3535 SAR2 Hours2GB
Sawa Visitor 7070 SAR5 Hours18GB
Sawa Visitor 100100 SAR8 Hours45GB

Sawa Visitor 35

Sawa Visitor 35 is including 2GB of internet data and 2 hours for calling local networks. The price of this SIM card is 35 SAR which is valid for 3 weeks. Customers can get this offer by sending the 6735 to 900.

Package Details:

  • 2GB DATA
  • 2 Hours Calling
  • Balance 5 SAR

Sawa Visitor 70:

This package provides 18GB of internet data and 5 hours of local calling minutes. This package validity is 3 weeks and customers can reactivate this package again by sending 6770 to 900. The price of the Sawa Visitor 70 plan is 70 SAR.

Package Details:

  • 18GB DATA
  • 5 Hours Calling
  • Balance 10 SAR

Sawa Visitor 100:

More internet users can get this amazing offer on STC visitor SIM cards. Sawa visitor 100 plan is offering 45GB of internet data and 8 hours of calling to local networks. This package is also valid for 3 weeks and customers can activate this package for just 100 SAR. To activate this package send 6710 to 900.

Which is the best Tourist Plan for STC KSA?

We know that this is a common issue for new users who come to Saudi Arabia and never know much about telecommunication networks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you come for Hajj and Umrah then the Sawa visitor 70 plan is the best for you.

Because this package is providing 300 local calling minutes and a 10 SAR balance on a SIM card. Including these resources, customers also will get 18GB of internet data which is valid to use all internet like social apps, YouTube, Whatsapp, and any web.

This package can be subscribed by dialling *888# or sending 6770 to 900. After activation of this package, customers will receive a confirmation SMS. Here are some shortcodes and methods of STC KSA SIM cards.

  • Send 2002 on 900 to activate easy net service
  • Deactivate any service send 2001 to 900.
  • To check the currently active services, send 6060 to 900

These shortcodes can help you to activate, deactivate and check the remaining internet, call minutes, and other resources. You can save his webpage on your mobile phone and desktop if you need it.

Default Rates of STC prepaid:

Local Call Rates55 Halala/min
Internet2 SAR/MB
SMS STC25 Halala/SMS
SMS Local35 Halala/SMS

Mobily SIM Card KSA

Mobily is 3rd telecommunication network in Saudi Arabia which is providing prepaid and postpaid services in all areas. According to Wikipedia, this network has got 6 million users in 2007, and now, it can be more than 8 million subscribers of Mobily in 2022. This network is providing tourist SIM cards at the lowest international call rates including free internet data.

The Mobily visitor package is providing unlimited local calls, unlimited SMS, and free calling minutes for international networks. If you want to get free calling minutes for other countries while living in Saudi Arabia then Mobily can be the best choice. Its coverage of signals can be weak in comparison to other networks but you can use it in popular cities.

Hajj & Umra Packages

Hajj and Umrah visitors can get this package at a very low cost of 50.0 Halala per minute. Those visitors who come to KSA for Hajj and Umrah can get 200 minutes to 500 calling local minutes to call national. It has different types of packages you can get a fixed calling SIM card and if you never need any call package and want to get only a SIM card then it is also available le at a very low price.

You can activate Hajj and Umrah packages 30, 50, and 100 with calling, internet, and SMS package activation. Here are the packages available for 30 days that you can subscribe to on your SIM card. A new package is introduced by Mobily which provides 50GB internet data to all prepaid and postpaid customers. This plan is valid for 60 days but it is best for those people who live for at least 60 days there.

Hajj & Umrah 30
Free 2GB Data on recharge
NO Minutes
Pay As You Go
Self Activated
Hajj & Umrah 50
200 Mobily Minutes
20 Local Minutes
20 Riyal Balance for International Calls
1GB Local Data Internet
Activation Method
Send 5050 to 1100
Renewal Method
Send 5050 to 1100
Hajj & Umrah 100
500 Mobily Minutes
50 Local Minutes
60 Riyal Balance for International Calls
2GB Local Data Internet
Activation Method
Send 1899 to 1100
Renewal Method
Send 1899 to 1100

This bundle is valid for 30 days and 45 Days for only Hajj and Umra. in 50 and 100 riyal packages, customers will get international calling balances for all countries. Mobily can be the best choice if we compare its packages with other networks. If you are going to Saudi Arabia for a trip or for business then you can choose the second package which is called the Mobily visitor package.

HAJJ & Umrah International Call Packages for Mobily

Here are the international calling packages details of all valid countries on Mobily Hajj and Umrah packages.

HAJJ & Umrah International Call Packages for Mobily

A normal tourist SIM card is available at different types of prices and different internet, calling, and texting validities. Here are the details of the visitor packages of Mobily.

Mobily Visitor Packages

Customers can activate Visitor 30, 40, 60, 100, and 150 packages in the type that a user needs. You can compare and check the latest prices of these packages and can choose the best deal for you.

VISITOR 3020 National Minutes + 20 SAR Credit200MB30 Days
VISITOR 40100 National Minutes + 10 SAR Credit Int*2GB DataSend 7862 to 1100
VISITOR 60200 National Minutes + 20 SAR Credit Int*3GBSend 7863 to 1100
VISITOR 100400 National Minutes + 50 SAR Credit Int*4GBSend 7864 to 1100
VISITOR 1501000 National Minutes + 60 SAR Credit Int*8GB+Unlimited SocialSend 7865 to 1100

Mobily USSD Codes

These codes can help you to check the balance, check internet packages, and know full information related to your SIM card.

  • To recharge your SIM dial 1400 or *1400# and follow the instructions
  • Dial *222# to check your Mobily number
  • To check the balance on your SIM card simply send 1 to 1411
  • To activate and deactivate any package you can call at helpline number 1411
  • The default calling rates for 30, 40, 60, 100, and 150 will be 0.30 SAR per minute


Jawwy KSA

Jawwy KSA is a sub-network of STC which is the second most trusted and used network in KSA. You can easily get this network prepaid and postpaid SIM card from any shop and airport in Saudi Arabia. With the Jawwy KSA SIM card, customers can get unlimited national calling minutes and international calling minutes at the very lowest prices. Its SIM card prices are starting from 34 SAR and are going to premium services.

Jawwy SIM 30 extra SIM card is the best choice for those who want to get the cheapest prepaid card. This prepaid card comes with 1GB of data in 1GB for social including 100 national calling minutes. The validity of this package is 28 days. You can activate this bundle by calling 9200. Jawwy KSA SIM card works pay a you-go plan.

Plans and Prices:

SIM 302GB100 National Minutes34.50 SAR30 Days
SIM 30 Extra1GB+1GB Social100 National Minutes34.50 SAR28 Days
SIM 605GB+5GB Social500 National Minutes69.00 SAR28 Days
SIM 7020GB+Unlimited Hotspost500 National Minutes80.50 SAR30 Days
SIM 10030GB+20GB Social & YouTube1500 National Minutes115 SAR30 Days
SIM 15045GB+Unlimited Social3000 National Minutes172.50 SAR30 Days
SIM 20097GB+Unlimited Social & YouTubeUnlimited All Networks Minutes230.00 SARMonthly
SIM 300150GB345 SAR2 Months
SIM 450150GB250 National Minutes517.50 SAR3 Months

Jawwy eSIM Packages

eSIM is the best type of SIM card which has not to need any physical card to insert into a mobile phone. Your mobile phone should support eSIM to get this virtual card. Here are eSIM internet, calls and international calling packages valid for 30 days and daily given below. This list can help you to select the best package which completes your needs.

eSIM 301GB+1GB Social100 National Minutes17.25 SAR28 Days
eSIM 7010GB+Unlimited STC Hotspost WIFI500 National Minutes40.25 SAR30 Days
eSIM 15020GB+Unlimited Social & Youtube3000 National Minutes86.25 SAR30 Days
eSIM 20097GB+Unlimited Social & YouTubeUnlimited All Networks Minutes115.00 SAR30 Days
eSIM 200 Plus200GB2000 National Minutes230 SAR2 Months
eSIM 300300GB3000 National Minutes345 SAR3 Months

Which is the cheap and best SIM card in KSA of Jawwy?

If you are interested in buying a Jawwy KSA SIM card or eSIM card then you can compare each plan with another. I will suggest you buy a starter plan of eSIM or prepaid SIM which cost about 34.50 SAR (Prepaid) and 17.25 SAR (eSIM). Because, you are new and never know the coverage and signal strength in Saudi Arabia of Jawwy so, it is best for you to test it.

If your mobile phone is eSIM supported then Jawwy eSIM 70 plan is the best. With eSIM 70 packages, you can get 10GB data, unlimited mobile WIFI hotspots STC and 500 national calling minutes for only 40.25 SAR per month. For unlimited calling minutes in Saud Arabia, you can continue using the eSIM 200 or SIM 200 package.

  • To activate any call package dial 9200 or choose the package that you need.
  • Calling minutes will be used when you will be used from your current package if you have.
  • You can also activate any internet or call package by using the Jawwy app.
  • To buy a new SIM card, you must have to need a national ID or Iqama.
  • Only Absher cardholders will be able to buy and activate the packages.
  • You can check more packages and can activate them from the Jawwy web.

Lebara Mobile

You can buy a Lebara Mobile SIM card for free from their shop and online web. Lebara’s mobile numbers are starting from +057 and you can also book a premium and favourite number online. Now, we will talk about Lebara mobile KSA packages and new SIM plans. This network is offering many types of SIM cards like FREE SIM cards which will never give you your favourite number, Bronze numbers, Silver and Gold numbers etc.

There are not any special Lebara mobile KSA tourist SIM cards but you can buy local prepaid SIM cards from the airport of Saudi Arabia. I will suggest you buy a free SIM card because it will help you to save money. After buying a new SIM card, you will have many options to activate the internet data packages, call packages and international packages for calling.

Local passes can help you to get free local calling minutes, internet data and free WIFI Hotspots in all countries. First of all, we will show you local pass packages and prices here. Select any of the packages and activate them on your prepaid SIM card.

Local Passes Lebara Mobile KSA

250MB50 Mins10 SAR30 Days*777#
500MB120 Mins120 SAR30 Days*777*3002#
1.5GB150 mins150 SAR30 Days*777*3030#
3GB300 mins30 SARWeekly*777*3006#
10GB100 mins35 SARWeekly*777*3035#
8GB+2GB Social250 mins55 SAR28 Days*777*3003#
30GB1100 mins110 SAR30 Days*777*3007#
50GB+1GB Social1000 mins150 SAR30 Days*777*3150#
15GB100 mins55 SAR2 Weeks*777*3055#
12GB350 mins70 SAR30 Days*777*3055#
20GB+25GB Social900 mins90 SAR3 Days *777*3005#

Social Valid: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, TikTok, Whatsapp

Lebara Mobile KSA International Call Packages

If you need international call packages on Lebara Mobile KSA then there are many packages available for different countries. You can select your calling country and can activate it by using the USSD code. You can call anywhere in the world using this SIM card like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, Ethiopia, India and Nepal etc.

Bangladesh Call Package
CallsPriceValidityActivation Code
25 Minutes2.5 SAR1 Day*666*002#
80 Minutes + 300 Lebara8 SAR7 DAYS*666*005#
1000 Minutes + 350 Lebara30 SAR30 DAYS*666*200#
Egypt Call Package
CallsPriceValidityActivation Code
20 Minutes + 100 Minutes3 SAR2 DaysDial *666*03#
50 Minutes + 250 Lebara9 SAR7 DAYSDial *666*09#
100 Minutes + 500 Lebara15 SAR30 DAYSDial *666*15#
Ethiopia Call Package
CallsDataPriceValidityActivation Code
15 Minutes500MB15 SAR2 DaysDial *666*251#
45 Minutes1GB45 SAR7 DAYSDial *666*252#
90 Minutes3GB85 SAR30 DAYSDial *666*253#
India Call Package
CallsPriceValidityActivation Code
35 Minutes3 SAR1 DaysDial *666*003#
100 Minutes8 SAR7 DAYSDial *666*015#
275 Minutes17 SAR15 DAYSDial *666*300#
250 Minutes20 SAR30 DaysDial *666*030#
Pakistan Call Package
CallsPriceValidityActivation Code
250 Minutes (Excl. Telenor)33 SAR30 DaysDial *666*922#
70 Minutes (Excl. Telenor)10 SAR7 DAYSDial *666*921#
25 Minutes Telenor4.5 SAR1 DAYDial *666*345#
60 Minutes Telenor10 SAR7 DaysDial *666*346#
200 Minutes Telenor33 SAR30 DaysDial *666*347#
45 Minutes (Ufone & Zong)5 SAR1 DayDial *666*33#
300 Minutes (Ufone & Zong)35 SAR30 DaysDial *666*34#
35 Minutes5 SAR1 DayDial *666*601#
200 Minutes25 SAR7 DaysDial *666*602#
400 Minutes50 SAR30 DaysDial *666*603#
500 Minutes75 SAR30 DaysDial *666*675#


Virgin Mobile

Virgin is another mobile phone network in Saudi Arabia which is providing prepaid and postpaid services in all countries. This network was founded in 2014 and now it has more than 1 million GSM users. If you are travelling to Saudi Arabia, you can check out the latest plans and deals of Virgin Mobile KSA tourist SIM Cards.

You can use 5G fastest internet with a SIM card. If your mobile phone is eSIM supported then Virgin KSA is also offering an eSIM facility to its customers which will help you to use a SIM card in your mobile phone without any physical SIM. We got a Virgin prepaid SIM card from the airport in 2019 and now, its packages have been changed.

You can activate Virgin tourist SIM card packages like internet packages, international packages and fixed plans. Here are all tourist Virgin KSA packages and plans given with activation methods and prices.

200 National Minutes3GB45 SARMonthly
500 National Minutes15GB70 SARMonthly
350 National Minutes30GB + 10GB Social100 SARMonthly
2500 National Minutes40GB + Unlimited Social150 SARMonthly
5000 National Minutes100GB + Unlimited Social215 SARMonthly
Unlimited National MinutesUnlimited Internet380 SARMonthly

Virgin Mobile KSA Friendi Packages

Virgin has launched many packages including the Friendi package which have all type of offers like data, calls and all in One deal. With this package, customers can get free national calls, SMS, international calling offers, and internet packages.

120 National Minutes1GB17 SAR14 Days
100 National Minutes2GB+1GB Bonus25 SAR7 Days
250 National Minutes3GB43 SAR30 Days
300 National Minutes3GB + 2GB Bonus43.48 SAR21 Days
500 National Minutes10GB + 10GB Bonus70 SAR30 Days
100 National Minutes20GB90 SAR30 Days
1000 National Minutes25GB + 15GB Bonus110 SAR30 Days
800 National Minutes100GB319 SAR90 Days

These packages are valid for Sudan, Pakistan, Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. You can activate Combo international package by dialling *119#. For combo package activation you can dial *112#.

Final Words:

Before going to Saudi Arabia, You can read this post and can check the best SIM card in KSA for tourists. Just compare the SIM card packages and deals and choose the best SIM card. If you are a traveller and always visit different countries, you can read Tourist SIM card guides here.