Mobily Internet Package 50GB 1 Month

If you want a package that is flexible and doesn’t require you to sign a contract, then the Prepaid 50GB package is a good option. 50GB is an internet package for a month, which is perfect for users who consume large amounts of data.

It is sufficient for internet video streaming, online gaming and other data-related activities. The package is available in both Prepaid and Postpaid versions for all users, allowing users to choose according to their needs.

If you do any online work and you need a good internet connection, this plan allows you to complete the work quickly and easily, with access to large amounts of data, which can save you time.

Here are the complete details of the Mobily Internet Package 50GB 1 Month:

The package is available for 250 Riyals and includes 50GB of data, including 25GB of local internet and 85GB of social media usage for free. The package duration is 60 days.

  • Data: 50GB (25GB of local internet and 85GB of social media)
  • Prepaid: 250 SAR (including VAT)
  • Postpaid: 100 SAR per month (including VAT) – Package contract is for 12 months
  • Duration: 60 Days

To subscribe to this package send ‘7090’ to 1100.

Cancel the renewal send 7092 to 1100.

Sanny Baloch

I am an expert in analyzing and reviewing the latest technology trends, from smartphones, sim cards and mobile devices to broadband and Wi-Fi solutions. I provide valuable insights to readers on which help them to selecting a best plan according to their needs.

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