Omantel Hayyak Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Omantel Hayyak internet packages

Omantel Hayyak is the best telecommunication network in Oman which offers internet, calling and broadband internet services. Here are the details of Omantel Hayyak’s prepaid internet packages below.

Omantel Hayyak Prepaid Daily Internet Packages

The cheapest internet package in Omantel Hayyak is 200 Bz which provides 50MB of internet data for 1 day only. The second package price is 250 BZ which provides 100MB of data and the third is 1GB of data which costs about RO 1. You can dial the subscription codes that are given below table.

200 Bz50 MB*241*1#Daily
250 Bz100 MB*666*2*1#Daily
500 Bz250 MB*141*500#Daily
RO 11 GB*141*24#Daily
RO 1.54 GB*141*4#24 Hours
RO 22 GB*141*20#2 Days
  • Packages are valid for only 1 day
  • 24 Hours package will be valid for 2 GB Night + 2 GB Day

Weekly Internet Packages

Prepaid customers can now get 100MB data for 7 days in only 500Bz by dialling *141*100#. They can use the whole internet including social apps, YouTube, Apps, websites and much more. If you need more internet data, you can activate the 2GB data offer which costs RO 3 per week. To subscribe this package simply dial *141*2# and press the call button from the phone.

500 Bz100 MB*141*100#Weekly
RO 32 GB*141*2#Weekly
RO 105 GB*141*5#Weekly

Monthly Internet Packages

Longtime internet packages by Omantel are available at many prices. Monthly internet packages start from 100MB and cost 500 Bz to RO 50 for 15GB per month. Subscription methods are given below.

500 Bz100 MB*141*100#Monthly
RO 1500 MB*141*1#Monthly
RO 31 GB*141*3#Monthly
RO 52 GB*141*5#Monthly
RO 73 GB*141*70#Monthly
RO 105 GB*141*10#Monthly
RO 1510 GB*141*15#Monthly
RO 2515 GB*141*25#Monthly

Omantel Hayyak Internet Packages

Some of the internet packages come with Flexi Minutes which can be used to make calls to international numbers like in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. You can subscribe to any below-given package by using its activation code.

PriceDataFlexi MinFree PassesValidity
RO 21.5 GB35 Min1 Week
RO 58 GB50 Min1 Week
OMR 57 GB50 Min1 Week
RO 1525 GB300 Min12 Weeks
RO 2034 GB650 Min2 Free Pass28 Days
RO 1522 GB450 Min2 Free Pass28 Days
RO 1218 GB350 Min1 Free Pass28 Days
RO 1012 GB250 Min1 Free Pass28 Days
RO 77 GB150 Min1 Free Pass28 Days
RO 43.5 GB50 Min28 Days
  • To subscribe dial *666# or use the app
  • Flexi minutes are usable for calling Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh
  • Free Pass can be used for WhatsApp, Music, gaming, Social, Roaming and Entertainment.

Hayyak Prepaid Erada Monthly Offers

DataSocialPriceFlexi Min
2 GB + 2 GB500 MBRO 450 Min
3 GB + 3 GB1.5 GBRO 6100 Min
8 GB + 8 GB2 GBRO 9250 Min
15 GB + 15 GBRO 12300 Min
30 GB + 30 GBRO 18600 Min
  • To activate call *666# or go to the web or log in.
  • Social data for Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Erada Prepaid internet packages are valid for all new and exciting customers.

Hayyak Data Only SIM Packages & Offers

Data-only SIM cards can be used only for internet usage not for calling and texting. If you have a Hayyak 4G device or a single then you can easily insert a SIM card into the Hayyak device to use the internet. Its packages are available at different prices here.

3 GB2 WeeksOMR 3*343*3#
6 GB4 WeeksOMR 5*343*5#
15 GB4 WeeksOMR 10*343*10#
100 GB4 WeeksOMR 25*343*25#
15 GB12 WeeksOMR 15*343*15#

To check the balance of the subscribed package you can dial *0# at the end of the package. For example, you have activated the OMR 3 package whose subscription code is *343*3#; You have to dial *343*3*0# to check the balance. Similarly, you can use this method to check the balance for all packages.

  • These plans are valid for only Hayyak prepaid Data SIM cards
  • Hayyak Data SIM has not included voice calls and SMS

Omantel Hayyak tourist SIM Offers & Packages

DataFlexi CallTextPriceValid
6 GB + 1 GB50 Min50 SMSOMR 510 Days
15 GB + 1 GB75 Min75 SMSOMR 1010 Days
Unlimited100 Min100 SMSOMR 2010 Days
  • Activation code: *455#
  • The bonus of 1 GB of data is valid only for 1 day
  • Tourist SIM card is valid for 30 days which can be extended by recharging.
  • Flexi minutes can be used to call India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh

Omantel Unlimited YouTube Package

DataUnlimited YouTube
Price0.300 Bz
Validity3 hours
SubscribeDial *666*1*2*3*8#
Valid forHayyak prepaid

Omantel is offering an unlimited daily YouTube package which can be used for 3 hours a day by dialling *666*1*2*3*8#. This package cost 0.300 Bz including VAT tax on any prepaid SIM.

Omantel Unlimited Social Packages

Prepaid customers can subscribe to any given social package and can enjoy unlimited Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, & Tiktok apps. Social packages are given below:

Social PackDataPriceValid
Social PlanUnlimitedRO 37 Days
WhatsAppUnlimitedRO 1.57 Days
TwitterUnlimitedRO 1.57 Days
FacebookUnlimitedRO 1.57 Days
InstagramUnlimitedRO 1.57 Days
TikTokUnlimitedRO 1.57 Days
SnapchatUnlimitedRO 1.57 Days
  • Customers can activate Omantel social packages by dialling *666*1*2*3*1#
  • Packages are valid only for prepaid Hayyak users
  • Social data is unlimited and can be used for 7 days
  • The package will be auto-renewed automatically which can be unsubscribed by calling the helpline 1234

Romaing Including Data Packs

Omantel is offering roaming plans including internet when you go abroad and use your Omantel SIM for calling and internet. Here are some packages that you can subscribe to by using activation codes:

  • Get 1 GB of data roaming for 1 day in only OMR 4
  • 15 Roaming minutes & 2 GB data in OMR 6 for 3 days
  • 30 Romaing Minutes including 4 GB data in only OMR 10 for 7 days

To activate any Roaming package send SMS ‘J‘ to 91199. You will receive an SMS of the package list. Reply with your selected package number to activate it.

Customers can call at 1234 from their mobile phone to activate, deactivate and know more information related to their Omantel SIM card. If you need more accurate information you can visit Omantel’s website by clicking here. Keep in mind that the given packages and prices can be changed by the time or company policy.