Ooredoo Oman Internet Packages (2024)

Ooredoo Oman internet packages

Ooredoo is a telecom company in Oman that provides mobile, fixed-line, and broadband services. It was previously known as Nawras in Oman but was rebranded as Oordoo in 2014. If you are looking for Ooredoo Oman internet packages then here you will be provided with all kinds of information. You can select any good package according to your budget, internet limit and speed.

It is providing all prepaid, postpaid and broadband internet services in Oman such as value-added services, unlimited internet and on-in-one packages etc. You can select any package given here and activate it with the help of the given shortcode.

Ooredoo Oman Internet Packages

Here we will provide information about some popular internet packages of Ooredoo Oman which have been reduced in price. Some of its packages offer cross minutes that can be used to call other countries. These include Pakistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

RO 0.5500MB1 DayDial *555*53#
RO 11GB1 DayDial *555*21#
RO 22GB7 DaysDial *555*84#
RO 45GB7 DaysDial *555*85#
RO 33GB28 DaysDial *555*22#
RO 56GB28 DaysDial *555*23#
RO 1015GB28 DaysDial *555*69#
  • These packages are valid for Hala prepaid users only
  • Prices are including VAT Tax

Hala Prepaid Data Only Plans

Activating the data only internet packages will give you only internet data which will automatically block the internet after expiry. You will not get any call minutes from Data Only Offers. You can use these packages on any 4G or 3G supported mobile phone or device.

2 GBRO 2 incl. Tax1 WEEK
5 GBRO 5 incl. Tax1 WEEK
3 GBRO 3 incl. Tax4 WEEKS
6 GBRO 4 incl. Tax4 WEEKS
15 GBRO 10 incl. Tax4 WEEKS
  • To activate any Data only internet plan dial *555#
  • Packages will be automatically renewed after expiry
  • The package is valid for only prepaid Hala SIM users

Ooredoo Oman Hala Plans with Calls and Data

In this package, the customer gets call minutes for each network and for other countries. Hala prepaid users can get flexi minutes and internet data after activating these offers. Its most popular offer is Hala OMR 12 which offers 18GB of internet along with 400 flexi minutes of calls.

The flexi call minutes you get can be used to make calls to local and international countries including Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. 400 minutes are normal at the price of RO 12 including VAT tax. You can use this package for only 4 weeks after this if you have RO 12 available it will automatically be renewed. Here are some Ooredoo internet packages and offers including Cross Minutes.

1.5 GB50 Minutes25 MinutesRO 21 Week
3 GB50 MinutesRO 3.54 Week
8 GB50 MinutesRO 51 Week
6 GB150 MinutesRO 64 Week
12 GB300 MinutesRO 94 Week
18 GB400 MinutesRO 124 Week
30 GB675 MinutesRO 184 Week
  • To activate any package dial *555#
  • Cross minutes are usable for Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and local
  • The offers are valid for Ooredoo Hala prepaid users only
  • Prices are including VAT Tax

Ooredoo Hala Reactivate SIM Packages

2GBRO 3500MB4 Weeks
4GBRO 41GB4 Weeks
  • To activate the reactivation offer dial *555#

YouTube Unlimited Package

Customers can activate Ooredoo Oman for only 0.525 Bz for 1 day. After activating this package, customers can use unlimited YouTube on 4G highest speed internet for a day only.

PackageUnlimited YouTube
Price0.525 Bz
DataUnlimited for YouTube
Activation codeDial *141*600#
UnsubscriptionDial *141*600*1#
Validity1 Day

Ooredoo Oman Tourist SIM Offer

6 GB + Unlimited Snapchat50 MinutesOMR 510 Days
15 GB + Unlimited Snapchat100 MinutesOMR 1015 Days
  • Oman tourist SIM line is valid only for 1 month
  • Customers can get this SIM card online and can book their favourite number from home
  • Minutes are valid for local and international Pakistan, India, & Bangladesh only.
  • Snapchat is unlimited including audio, video, pictures and text _ not for audio and video calls

FAQS Ooredoo Oman

How to Ooredoo Oman balance?

Dial *102# to check the balance.

How to Get Loan / Advance Balance?

Dial *222*123#.

Method or Code to check Ooredoo Oman SIM number

Dial *141*29# from your phone; the number will appear on your mobile screen. You can also use the Ooredoo Oman app.

What is helpline of Ooredoo Oman SIM?

Ooredoo Oman helpline number is 1500

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