STC *888# Offers – Best STC Secret Offers

STC *888# Offers

Do you use STC SIM in Saudi Arabia? If at all, you must be familiar with STC *888# offers. With this USDD you can easily subscribe to cheap offers. These offers are not available for every citizen but are valid only for selected Wasel subscribers.

Many users complain that the STC *888# offers are not working on their SIM. They should know that this offer is only for SAWA and prepaid users. From this menu, you can activate the daily 1GB data offer, monthly 5 GB data offer, Sawa 20 calls package, and Sawa 65 offer. In the future, STC may add more offers.

We will explain each package and also add its activation codes and tricks for prepaid and postpaid users. Let’s come to the topic.

STC Sawa 65 Offer

The Sawa 65 offer refers to a prepaid mobile plan by STC Saudi Arabia. It costs 65 SR (including VAT) which provides 10GB of internet data, 500 local calling minutes, and international 20 destinations calling minutes.

STC Sawa 65 Offer

With this package, customers will receive flex minutes which provides customers free calls to calling in Pakistan, India, Egypt, and the United States. This package is valid for 28 days and is valid for prepaid and postpaid customers.


  • 10GB internet data
  • 500 local calling minutes
  • International calling to 20 destinations


  • Dial *888# and reply with “1” Sawa 65
  • Reply with 1 to confirm package activation

After activating these packages, you can use them for browsing the internet, watching videos, streaming music, or downloading apps.

STC *888# Offer

Sawa Daily 1GB Data Offer

The Sawa Daily 1GB Data Offer provides 1GB of mobile data valid for 24 hours for a price of 17.25 SR (including VAT). This offer is available to Sawa prepaid customers in Saudi Arabia. 1GB of data can be used for browsing the internet, watching videos, streaming music, or downloading apps.


  • 1GB Data
  • Valid for 24 Hours


Dial *888# and select the Daily 1 GB Data Offer. By dialling this USSD code, customers will get a list of all packages and you have to reply with “2” and “Daily 1 GB Data Offer” to activate it.

To check the remaining internet data, dial *888*5# or use the MySTC app.

Sawa 20 Calls and Data Plus Offer

The STC Sawa 20 Calls and Data Plus Offer is a prepaid mobile plan that provides 20GB of data, and 20 local call minutes. that costs 35 SR per month. It is a great prepaid package for users who make a moderate amount of calls and use a moderate amount of data.

  • To activate this package, dial *888# and reply with 3.
  • To check the package details dial *125*811#.

Once you have activated the package, you can start using your calls and data immediately. This package is automatically renewed after 30 days. You can cancel the package at any time by dialling *555*811*0#.

Monthly 5GB Offer

STC’s monthly 5GB offer called “Quicknet 5 GB 1 Month Data SIM Prepaid Package” is available for prepaid customers. This package provides 5GB of data for a whole month for only SR 30 including VAT. This package includes 200 on-net calling minutes valid for 28 days.

Sawa STC internet GB offer check code *888#
  • Dial *888# and reply with 4 to activate this package
  • Dial *888*5# to check the package details

Weekly Sawa 15 Offer

The STC Weekly Sawa 15 Offer is a prepaid mobile phone package that gives you 2GB of data, 200 minutes of local calls, and 2GB of social media data for a week. The price of the package is 28.75 SR, which includes VAT.

Sawa 15 weekly offer is a good option for people who want to be able to use social media without having to worry about running out of data.


  • 2GB of data
  • 200 local calls minutes
  • 2GB of social media data


  • Method 1: To subscribe to the STC Weekly Sawa 15 Offer, you can send the code 7025 to 900.
  • Method 2: Dial *800# and follow the instructions to activate the offer

STC customers can get a lot of benefits from this offer like getting new and cheaper offers, discounts, and cheap internet packages. If you don’t get any offers after dialling *888#, you can convert to Wasel.

You get many gifts and offers on this package. For more information, you can change your package by calling 900. Users whose *888# offer is not working can avail of this offer on Wasel SIM.


Why are *888# stc offers not working?

It depends on your SIM card and package. This package is mostly available on prepaid Wasel SIM cards.

Are the *888# offers available for postpaid users?

Yes, some offers are available for postpaid users. postpaid customers also can know the discounted offers and packages according to their needs and selected tariff plan by dialling *888#.

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