Etisalat Home Internet 199 Plan Review, Speed & Comparison

Etisalat Home Internet 199 Plan Review

Etisalat is the most famous and trusted telecom network in Dubai. It provides customers with mobile prepaid and postpaid services as well as Wi-Fi and internet for homes, offices, and businesses. If you are new to Dubai or if you are installing Etisalat Internet at your home for the first time, then you can read this post to get complete information. In this post, I will tell you how to activate Etisalat Home Internet 199 Plan, its price, and its speed.

What is Etisalat Home Internet 199 Plan

With the Etisalat Home 199 AED package, customers can get unlimited internet at their homes for AED 199 per month. To get this package, users have to sign a 12-month or 24-month contract, after which users can run the package for the duration of the contract at the same price. After signing the contract, the company does not change the price of the package every month.

After activating this package, users get GoChat Premium with unlimited internet for 3 months absolutely free. Also, new users will get Free Plug-n-Play Router for AED 1,33 absolutely free. This offer is for new customers who have not yet availed of Etisalat’s internet offer.


  • AED 199 Discounted price (valid till 11 June 2023)
  • Free Plug-n-Play Router
  • Including a Data SIM Card
  • Unlimited Internet Usage
  • Free GoChat Premium for 3 months
  • STARZPLAY for 24 months
  • no deposits or upfront charges
  • Ultra-fast fiber plans

How to Get this Offer

Customers can buy this package including all features and benefits by just paying AED 199 for 12 months contract. Visit the Etisalat nearest franchise, Order it on Website and Etisalat mobile app, and get it in 24 hours at your doorstep. Keep in mind that, Etisalat will never charge delivery fees for ordering this service online.

What’s included

  • A data SIM card
  • A 5G-enabled Plug-n-Play Router
  • Unlimited internet

Method to Activate and Setting up the Router

When you receive the parcel, you will find two things in this parcel. One router and one data SIM card. An unlimited internet package will be active on this SIM, if not then you can call 101 and get it activated. Insert the SIM card into the router and connect the device to a power source.

In a few seconds, the router will start sending Wi-Fi signals. You can connect any device with this router by using the username and password given on the back of the router. Here are the steps that you have to follow to use the Etisalat 5G router:

  • Get the data SIM card from the envelope 
  • See the back of the router and insert the SIM card in the back SIM slot
  • Connect the router to a power source and wait to turn it ON
  • The device will show the 4G and 5G signals in light and will start providing WIFI signals
  • Get the username and password of your router from the back of the router
  • Connect any device using this password
  • Now you can enjoy unlimited internet at home

Once you have fully activated the device, you can also change its Wi-Fi password. You can connect more than 5 devices with this router. Always place the device in an open area where signals can be routed. So that you get a good internet speed with good coverage of 4G or 5G.

Charges be After Expiring and Ending the Home Unlimited Plan Contract

After the contract ends, the company will charge you AED 299 per month. This is a limited-time offer that may be terminated or changed at any time and Etisalat reserves the right to do so. You can call 101 to get more information related to your current package and connection upgrade.

You can check your remaining Internet Home Unlimited 199 packages by dialing 101 or using the Etisalat app or web. If you want to change your location, call 101 and provide them with information regarding your current location.

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