How to Change Ooredoo SIM Ownership Qatar

Ooredoo Qatar SIM ownership check, number check, owner check

Checking and changing the Ooredoo SIM card number is not difficult. You must have your SIM card and identity card registered in your name. Donors and recipients can visit any Ooredoo store or retailer to change their current SIM card ownership. The company will charge BDT 50 for the ownership transfer. We will explain both methods of

  • How to Check Ooredoo SIM Ownership Qatar
  • How to Change Ooredoo SIM Ownership Qatar

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How to Check Ooredoo SIM Ownership Qatar

Ooredoo is a famous and mainly used telecom network in Qatar that provides internet and caller connections. If you are new to Ooredoo Qatar, you can read our guide about Ooredoo Qatar packages and call plans.

At some point, we may need to check whether our SIM card is registered in our name. In Qatar, SIM cards are registered with fingerprints, which minimises misuse of SIM cards. If you don’t know whose SIM card you have, you can find out using this method.

Dial *666#

By dialling *666#, customers can know whether the SIM is registered or not. If the SIM card is registered in anyone’s name, it will show its owner’s name. It is a free and easy method to check the Ooredoo Qatar owner’s name. Here are the steps to do this:

  • Open the dial pad.
  • Dial *666#
  • The current SIM card information will appear on the mobile screen.

Check SIM Owner’s Name by Calling the Help Centre

You can get help by calling the Ooredoo Qatar helpline at 111. I know that the company will never tell you the owner’s information, but you can ask them to provide information about SIM card registration, such as whether this SIM card is registered or not.

If the SIM card is registered, you can get the owner’s information by dialling *131*yournumber#. It is a very helpful method, but it is a difficult task for those who have no knowledge about mobile phones and SIM cards.

Now, we will explain how to change ownership of the Ooredoo Qatar SIM Card:

How to change ownership of an Ooredoo Qatar SIM Card

You must own the SIM card or have an identity card to change ownership. Donors and recipients must visit any Ooredoo store or shop to change ownership or transfer a SIM card to another person’s name.


  • Both party’s identity cards and copy
  • A fee of BDT 50 for the transfer of the SIM
  • Pay the advance loan before changing ownership.

Both parties have to visit the office, after which further processing will be completed. Many people want to transfer their SIM online or change ownership, so they must go through biometric steps. After which his SIM can be fully transferred.

It should be noted that the person who wants to get the SIM registered in his name will be responsible for all the SIM’s previous, current, and future activities.

Change the Ooredoo SIM Ownership after Death

It may be possible that if a relative dies and you want the number registered in his or her name to manage the business and other things, then you need to complete these few things.

  1. First of all, you must be a blood relative of the sim owner.
  2. The reason for the SIM transfer must be given.
  3. The owner’s death certificate must be shown.
  4. You will need your identity card and other things, like your business certificate or proof of a relationship with the owner.
  5. Have to pay transfer fees.

After doing all this, the company will give you a form that you have to fill out with your original and correct information. After full verification, the company will transfer the Ooredoo SIM Card to your name in a few days.

Check the Ooredoo Qatar SIM Number

If you don’t know your Ooredoo Qatar SIM number, you can use these methods and tips. These are free and can help you a lot.

Dial *100#

This USSD code provides all facilities like package activation, data checking, and number checking. You can dial *100# and follow the prompts to know your current number.

Follow this method to know your Ooredoo number in Qatar:

  • Open the dial pad and dial *100#
  • Many varieties of options will appear on your mobile screen.
  • Select the My Info section and reply with section numbers 1–9.
  • Now, see the section number of My number and reply to it
  • The number will appear on the mobile screen and will also text you.

You can use the Ooredoo app to know your mobile number, monitor your internet usage, and balance usage. It is a very easy method to check the information and packages through the app.

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