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TIM Mobile Phone Plans and Offers

TIM is an Italian telecommunication network which is providing mobile phones, Fibre, ADSL and TV services. Millions of people are currently using this network for calling, internet and messages. If you live in Italy or going to Italy then you can compare its all SIM card plans and then can select the best plan for you according to your need.

TIM new cards are starting from €10 with €5 credit which is available in all TIM stores. New customers have to pay a SIM card activation fee (some of the times) of €5. People can buy this SIM card online by visiting the TIM official website and can order a new SIM card. The new SIM card will be delivered to the provided address within 24 hours. Online ordered SIM cards will cost about €20 of which €15 will be credited to SIM cards.

TIM Base Plans

TIM has many prepaid Piani Base packages that you can activate by calling 40916 or 119. Its Base e chat plan costs €2 per month in which customers can use all supported chat apps for free every month. This plan works like an add-on which customers can use anytime on their SIM cards. If you are interested to use this service, you can call 119 or send an SMS to 40916.

OfferFree Chat
SubscribeCall 119

Chat Plan Supported Apps: Social & Chat card is valid for Facebook, Whatsapp, FB messenger, Skype, IMO, Snapchat, Viber, Telegram, TikTok, ASKfm, Tinder, WeChat, Line, iMessage, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

In many new SIM cards, the Free Chat offer is automatically active. Customers never need to activate it after buying a new SIM card in Italy. For more information on this package, dial 119.

If customers have not activated any internet or data package, then while using the internet customers will have to pay €4 for one day. After this, the customers will be able to use 500 MB of the internet for 1 day (Midnight) after this its speed will be reduced to 32Kbps.

Data Only SIM Offers

TIM have many months, 6 monthly and yearly data plans for its customers. All plans come with 4G LTE with up to 700 Mbit/s. The data SIM card price is €5 which is available on all TIM stores or mobile phone shops in Italy. Its smallest plan is Sipergiga 40 which is offering 6GB EU Cap data, and 20 GB local data for just €9.99 per month.

The yearly plan comes with 200GB of the highest 4G LTE speed including 50GB data EU cap. TIM is offering a double data offer to its new customers for the first 3 months. It means if customers buy a 20GB data offer, they will receive an extra 20GB for a whole month. More package details are given below.

Plan NameDataEU capValidityPrice
SuperGiga 4020 GB6 GBmonthly€9.99
SuperGiga 10050 GB8 GBmonthly€13.99
Internet 100GB100 GB50 GB6 months€49.99
Internet 200GB200 GB50 GBYearly€99.99
SuperGiga 200 (5G)100 GB16 GBmonthly€19.99

TIM SuperGiga 200 is a 5G supported package whereas other data packages can be used only on 4G LTE data. With these plans, customers can use the internet including YouTube, Free TV channels, Facebook, Snapchat and much more.

Here are some add-ons that customers can activate at the lowest rates:

  • Social Line: €4.99 per month – Social & Chat card is valid for Facebook, Whatsapp, FB messenger, Skype, IMO, Snapchat, Viber, Telegram, TikTok, ASKfm, Tinder, WeChat, Line, iMessage, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.
  • Game Card: €4.99 per month – Asphalt 9, Clash Royale, Elvenar, Brawl Stars, TIMGAMES, Among US, Clash of Clans, Pokémon GO, Super Mario Run, Angry Birds, Game of War Fire Age, Wordfeud, 8ball, Candy Crush Saga, FIFA, Fortnite, and Twitch.
  • Music Card: €4.99 per month – Microsoft Groove, iTunes streaming, SoundCloud, Audiomack, Google Play Music, Xbox Live, TIMMUSIC, TIDAL, Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer.
  • Video Card: €9.99 per month – YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, RaiPlay, Rai News, Eurosport, Mediaset Play, TIMVISION, Discovery +, Netflix, SkyGo, NowTV, Disney +, Infinity, Mediaset Premium, DAZN, CHILI, Dailymotion, and Fox News.

Tourist SIM Cards

TIM Italy has launched a great offer for visitors to Italy. Now, customers can buy TIM tourist SIM cards for only €20 fees which included €1 credit, 200 calling minutes, 15GB data (4G LTE) and 14 GB in the EU for one month. After using the internet data the internet speed will come to 32Kbps. Calls can be made within 65 countries and domestically.

Here are the full details of TIM Italy tourist SIM:

PlanTIM Tourist SIM
Calls200 Minutes
Internet15 GB + EU 14 GB

Roaming Plans

This table can help you choose the best roaming plan according to your need. If you are abroad, then you cannot log in to your account on the TIM website. So, you can use the VPN and set the Italy proxy to log in to your account.

OfferCallsInternetPriceSMSValidityActivation MethodCheck Allowances
TIM in Viaggio Pass500 mins (250 in/out)10 GB€2050030 daysText “TVPASS ON” to 40916Text ‘SALDO TVPASS’
TIM in Viaggio Internet4 GB€2510 daysText “VIAGGIOINTERNET ON” to 40916Text ‘SALDO VIAGGIOINTERNET’
TIM in Viaggio Full500 MB€3/dayText ‘VIAGGIOFULL ON’ to 40916
TIM Opzione Svizzera500 mins5 GB€5/monthActivate on TIM website
TIM in Viaggio Pass Mondo100 mins (50 in/out)2 GB€30100Activate on the TIM websiteText “TVPMONDO ON” to 40916Text ‘SALDA TVPMONDO’

TIM International Offers for Foreigners

TIM prepaid customers can buy international calling plans to talk to their friends and family abroad. You have to just show your identity like your Passport or ID which will show that you are not Italian.

OfferDomestic MinutesInt’l CallsDataChatPrice
TIM International Senza LimitiUnlimited30050 GBUnlimited€11.99

TIM has made life easy for the workers and visitors who come to Italy for work or visit. TIM international Senza Limiti offers unlimited domestic minutes and 300 minutes for other countries Including 50 GB data and unlimited chat plans for only €11.99.

OfferDomestic CallsInt’l CallsDataChatPrice
TIM International Senza LimitiUnlimited300 minutes100 GBUnlimited€14.99

TIM International Senz Limiti Plus unlimited domestic calls and 300 minutes for other countries including 100 GB data and unlimited chat. The price of this plan is €14.99 for one month which is activated on any TIM prepaid SIM card by calling helpline 119 or 40916.

TIM Combo Plans

Prepaid SIM cards come with combo plans which can be subscribed for new and exciting users. These offers are providing the highest 4G and 5G Speed internet data more than 50GB starting from €11.99.

OfferTop-up DataAuto-Pay DataPrice
TIM Young (5G) <2550GB25GB€11.99
TIM Executive Mobile (4G)50GB25GB€14.99
TIM Magnifica Mobile (5G)100GB50GB€19.99
TIM 60+ (4G) >606GB4GB€12.99

TIM Young (5G) is designed for under 25 years old and TIM 60+ (4G) is designed for 60+ years old people. Users can activate and deactivate these plans online, using the app or calling the helpline 119.

Keep in mind that TIM can change all given offers anytime including add-ons and prices. So, always check its latest prices, offers and SIM card prices by visiting the website, nearest office and franchise.

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