Du Home Wireless 199 Plan Review and Details

Du Unlimited Home WIFI Plan 199 AED

Recently, Du has introduced unlimited internet for its customers which is for home. It costs AED 199 which the customer has to pay every month. Today I am going to give you complete information about how you can get it and what will be its downloading speed and uploading speed. Also, we will know what the price will be after the contract is over. What will be the internet speed in this package and how many devices the user can use it?

Plan Details

PackageHome WIFI Package
PriceAED 199
Contract12 Months

What is in Du Home Wireless 199 Plan?

The special feature of this plan is that you get it on a 12-month contract after which you get the freedom to increase or decrease the monthly price. Until your contract expires, you will have to pay the same price. Under this plan, you get unlimited internet which you would get with a 5G router.

DU also provides you with a 5G Wi-Fi router when you install this plan, with the help of which you can easily connect any device in your home. Due to this, it will cost you less and you can also divide the cost of running this package with your family members.

Suppose you have 6 members in your house who want to use the internet, when you divide 199 dirhams by 6, it will be AED 33 to AED 24 per person. That is, instead of paying AED 199, you will have to pay only 34 AED, after which you will be able to use DU’s 5G speed internet, which too unlimited.

What’s included

On installing this plan you get:

  • Unlimited internet
  • 5G wireless device

After purchasing this plan, the company will send one 5G router and one DU SIM to your given address. You have to insert the SIM card into the device after which it will start giving you Wi-Fi sources. If you want to buy a faster and better plan, you can get the DU Home Wireless Entertainment plan which is priced at AED 299 and comes with a 24-month contract.

What is the Internet Speed on Du Home AED 199 Package?

Du has promised to provide the highest 5G speed up to 1Mbps to its customers. This can be changed by the policy, and Du has full authority to change the speed. You get the fastest internet with which up to 5 devices can be connected easily. By connecting more devices, your internet may be slow, so try to connect as few devices as possible.

If the speed of the Internet devices in your home is slow, you can fix it by following the following guidelines.

  1. Place your DU5G device near a window
  2. Keep the device away from electronic wires to avoid signal interference
  3. Change the Wi-Fi password of the device
  4. Restart the router

If after following these instructions you still have problems with the speed, then you should check the source of the DU to see if it is down. Internet is often slow due to heavy traffic which you can check from the call centre.

What Charges do I have to Pay after expiring the Contract?

If you have completed the 12-month period, you will have to pay AED 399. As this offer is for new users, you will have to pay the original price after the contract.

This plan is good for every household where the internet is used. You can also use it to watch videos, watch TV channels and play games. People who work on the Internet can also use it for their office work.

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I am an expert in analyzing and reviewing the latest technology trends, from smartphones, sim cards and mobile devices to broadband and Wi-Fi solutions. I provide valuable insights to readers on which help them to selecting a best plan according to their needs.

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